Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Looking for trouble? Look no further..."

I love these. They are hallarious

     Something really weird happened. I was going back through older posts and editing them to make the pictures larger, since I realized they were extremely tiny. Everything was going grandly until the last couple of posts that I re-saved moved themselves to the top of my posts! WHAT, they were from months ago?!?!? I'm so confused on how this happened and can't figure out how to move them back. My brain is about to explode from frustration.
     The puppies had their baths, and now Sumo and I are kickin' it cool on the couch while the husband of the house slaves in the kitchen, so I thought it'd be a convenient time to recap this whirlwind of a weekend. It was the big time fantasy football draft party yesterday, so we migrated once again down the nauseatingly boring I35 southbound. I got to spend Friday night with my Vanaynay and my favorite Kinsey in the whole wide world while Patrick hit the sack in old man time to rise and shine for his big day. We stayed true to tradition and made the dip we always eat when we are together as we debated which is hotter: Rotel Original or Rotel Mild. I won; it is original. Stacy graced us with her beautiful face and we got to talk like girls until 3am just like the good 'ol days.

I LOVE this chair

      Saturday while Patrick did man things, my mother and I devoured my most beloved breakfast in the entire world. Oh yes. An elephante burrito from Lolita's, a hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican restaurant in downtown Waco, the best kind. Then we spent a couple of hours dragging our jaws on the floor, gawking over how much we love everything in Spice. I'm always inspired and be more creative and feel the urge to completely redecorate every time I step foot in that store. Problem is, I have exspensive taste. . . . . . That chair is $2,000!
I NEED these

     I got to check one person off my Christmas list, my mother, and then we discovered a new retro frozen yogurt joint next door. I think it was my mother's very first FroYo experience and to say she was like a kid in a candy store would probably be a mild understatement! She loved it, of course, because no one in their right mind couldn't. It was perfectly refreshing.

We self-timered this on her Christmas present; it's a vintage scale!

Please excuse my no make-up self
     After stopping by the draft to bring my husband some chapstick because "his lips hurt real bad" (thanks Napoleon Dynamite), I drove to Temple and spent the rest of the afternoon with my Nana, Sissy, and cousin Allison. We did what we do best when together: rocked in rocking chairs for hours chit-chatting. And we managed to find the time to go out for some fried catfish! Yummy.

You tell 'em girls!
     As soon as I made it back to Waco with heavy eyelids, my Mother-in-law put me to work highlighting her hair. It was my first time, and it could have been caused from delirium, but I couldn't stop laughing at how silly the cap looked! I told her it kind of reminded me of Hell-raiser. I didn't have a chance to get a picture of how good her hair looks after it was all finished since I was in a sleeping-coma this morning, but let's just say I did an amazing job for a first timer!


Someone should tell Hellraise to get his pins highlighted. They'd be much more flattering to his skin tone!  


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