Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guilt-Free Extravagence

     The high temperatures yesterday were going to be a entire degree less than triple digits for the only day this week, so I decided to take the puppies for a solid run so I could sleep on the couch all day without restless-dog-interruptions. The morning sky was beautiful and there was just enough cloud cover and breeze to keep things tolerable.

Half way through we stopped for a water gulping break, indicated by the tongue hang-age. I decided to my tongue contained since rivers of sweat were streaming down my body and I didn't need any extra bug protein for the day. I think my short-legged company is out of shape though, because I basically dragged them the entire way.

Callie was LOVING the air conditioner blowing in her face.

Sumo was tuckered out for the rest of the day! Goal met.
     After my afternoon nap, I was feeling creative, so I got out my manicure set and painted my fingernails! It took hours. Actually they are just stickers and you just file them down to fit your nails; pretty cool, huh?

Crazy Chandelier
     This week is Restaurant Week in DFW. That means a large selection of the nicest culinary scenes of the society allows any public peasant to make reservations for an expensive 3 course meal, charging only $37, and donating a portion of the proceeds to local child food bank charities. Patrick and I thought it'd be an unselfish way of seizing the opportunity to dine at Nick and Sam's, a hoity steak house in uptown Dallas, for an extravagant date night. Let's be real, we'd never feel right about paying $50-100 for a single entree under any normal life situation (the cheapest chicken entree was $30!); heck, we won't even dish out the cash for sushi that isn't featured on the happy hour menu, and this isn't the type of place you go to split an entree and ask for a doggie bag! So when I discovered that we could consciously, in a guilt-free afford manner, afford a 3 course meal at a joint that serves caviar as a complementary appetizer and is famous for it's lobster mac and cheese, while helping feed the hungry children of our city, I didn't hesitate to click for a reservation! We had beef tenderloins cooked to perfect. When the meat was brought to the table, a guy came out with a flash light and shined it on our plate, asking us to cut the center and ensure it was exactly as we ordered. And it was. Everything was.

We decided Patrick's dessert looked like pink version of sausage, biscuit ,and gravy!

Mine was chocolate bread pudding with ice cream and mint! Yummy!

Oh yeah, you know I had to! I asked for a doggy bag for the tiny bit of left overs that we couldn't bare wasting!


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