Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warning: Politically Incorrect

WARNING: The easily offended should not engage in reading the following post, including listening to the video.

     I'm a huge fan of politically incorrect humor. I'm not racist, prejudiced, or hateful. I just think it's hilarious to poke fun at how ridiculous the species of man-kind can be. First of all, I appreciate individuality, including but not limited to accents, varying cultures, shades of skin, size/shape, levels of intelligence, babies and geezers. Without different types of people, our world would be boring, colorless, mundane. I believe being able to take a step back and laugh at our up-bringings, shortcomings, and naive education not only poses as a healthy method of stress relief, but is also a friendly reminder of how human we really are, bonding us all together by our differences. 

     Patrick and I are religious Family Guy followers. A recent episode scene that made me laugh out loud was: Peter laying in bed, and Louise walks in all sultry-like with a Grimace Costume on, ready to get kinky, pulls down the sheets and notices the locked contraption on Peters genitals. "What the hell is this?", questions Louise. "I'm practicing Abstinence," explains Peter,"I learned sex turns straight people into gays; Gays into Mexicans. Everybody goes down a notch. It's all here in this manual," he says as a-matter-of-factly as he offers her the abstinence manual.
     Dave Chappelle is notorious for making genius skits about prejudice subjects. The Nigga family? White people only being able to dance to the sound of an electric guitar? Two of my favorites.
     Lets not forget that South Park also loves to laugh in the face of real life situations. And I love to laugh with them.
     Yes, I am well aware that 2 of the 3 examples I gave were cartoons, but let's face it: A) if you ever think your undies are too mature for cartoons OR B) if you ever let your kids watch either of those cartoons THEN C) I don't think your my type, so it's best we not see each other anymore.
     If you are still on my page after reading those things, then you may want to check out this blogger: http://www.flourishinprogress.com/  I think she is hilarious, real, and clever. . . . . Oh ya, and not to mention politically incorrect on a regular basis.

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