Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's That Kind of Day

     NEW FLASH: Plano has a 50% chance of Thunderstorms, and has been blessed with cloud cover all day. It's currently 89F, feels like 92F, with bursts of magnificently refreshing winds, and I can't believe my skin. I actually took the dogs out for a mid-afternoon run for the first time in months and I didn't start sweating until I was actually running. As opposed to being drenched immediately after stepping foot outside. Be happy for us, very very happy.

     I've struggled with motivation today, or the lack there-of to be precise, but got dressed anyway, hopped in the car, and forced my arms to steer the wheels into the direction of the gym parking lot against my body's will. Usually when I walk into the gym, I become energized by all the skinny strong people surrounding me, but today I still had a nagging voice inside my head repeating, "The couch is waiting, the couch is waiting." My muscles felt like they had been injected with a paralytic and my eye lids remained droopy even after 12 hours of snoozing. My guardian angles must have been by my side, because they told me to go to Yoga instead of the Pump class next door, like I had originally planned, and they were right as always.  As I focused on "opening my heart" and setting my class "intention", taking in the soothing music as the instructor filled our minds with encouragement to "do what feels fun to your body today", I overheard the Pump instructor next door yelling at the attendees, "LET'S GO ATHLETES, SHOW ME WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF". I probably would have kicked someone in the shin if they said that to me today.  

     Have I ever mentioned that Sumo LOVES squeaky toys? Sometimes it feels like we have a toddler in the house with all the toy squeaking that goes on. He wore out the one my Nana had sent him in the mail, so I went to the Dollar Tree today and found him a new one for $1! I live for a good bargain. He's been breaking it in since I got home. Cheap entertainment is always a bonus too!  I also mosied over to Half Price Books and found they had several Yoga/Pilate's DVD's for super cheap, AKA less than $5! Sometimes it's just nice to not leave the house for a little exercise.
     Speaking of cheap, I took the Corolla in to the dealership today to have the oil changed and tires rotated and felt extremely weird walking out and not paying a cent. It's just the "norm" these days to leave a dealership feeling raped, isn't it?
     What wasn't cheap? While I was waiting on the Corolla to be serviced, I walked over to Panera Bread, since it was the only eating place within walking distance. $8.29 later, I received a tiny bowl of soup that tasted like it was poured from a can, soggy croutons, about 4 chips, and 1/4 of a sandwich with chicken that looked and tasted like it was also from a can! I could literally taste the sodium. Hey Panera Bread, why don't you grow up and learn to cook like Corner Bakery if you want to charge an arm and a leg for your lunch!  

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