Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crying Skin, but Laughing Face. Sound Chinese?

     I like this song. I was pretty impressed with how kick-butt he played after his crush showed up, and reading through the lines of the lyrics, I was pretty sure she was lying about how much she liked him . . . . . .that is  until she let that dude kiss her! What a panda jerk!

My car dash after the early movie!
     I'm going to pull my complaining card and go ahead and suggest the weather-man's warning "extreme heat advisory" doesn't even come close to capturing what this actually feels like. Oddly there's nothing even remotely refreshing about the wind.  I'd compare the feeling to standing directly in front of a standalone heater that's fanning out air, which feels nice when you’re surrounded by cold air, but nothing short of miserable when surrounded by this outdoor sauna. I merely walked from the theater to my car and already had rain drops of sweat dripping off my face. It was my skin crying; desperately seeking a source of relief. Dear fall, please hurry back. I've missed you.
     Yesterday Jessica, Krystal, and I enjoyed a much needed relaxing day at the pool. Our downstairs pool is shaded most of the day by the sandwiching buildings, so the water was nice and refreshingly chilly! Then I went upstairs to start making homemade pizza and Patrick got home for work and asked if I wanted RA. Ugh.....that was a no-brainer; he always knows how to read my mind. I had been craving sushi for days. So I abandoned my kitchen art and got dressed. We almost died from heat strokes on the walk back home, so we cooled off our insides with Red Mango. I love my days off!
Viva Los Vegas Rolls are our favorite! We save them for last.

It definitely made me feel peaceful!
     Krystal and I had a girl's date today and met at Global Peace Factory Coffee House in Frisco. If you live in the area, it's worth going to. Such a cute and inviting atmosphere, with ridiculously nice employees. I may make it a weekly stop. I paired a Chai Latte with my pomodro panini and it was exactly what I've been searching for. "She just complained about the heat and she drank a hot drink? Isn't that contradictory?" I'm aware that I may be considered crazy by some, but it WAS indoors and I HAVE been hunting a decent Chai Latte for 4 years and finally found an amazing one! It was worth it.
Then we went to see this movie:
         "Horrible Bosses" was so funny. And I'm pretty sure the only reason it's rated R is for the brief use of cocaine and of all of the "F bombs". Collin Farrel is in it, and Krystal wouldn't believe me that it was him, because they made him look so ugly! Someone else who was out of familiar character? . ? . ? Jennifer Anistan! That was the first time I've been to a movie in ages. When the heck did they start charging $7.50 for matinee?!?!? Now I remember why we only watch Netflix movies!
     As if I don't elaborate on why I love my husband so much often enough., here's one more reason; it made me laugh when I got home from work:
"Caution, Ribs may fall out. Open slowly w/one hand ready to catch."

     I love coming home and knowing that he's been up to something extra good! He cooked those ribs while I was asleep for work. I woke up to an fantastic dinner. Meat falling off the bone good. He takes good care of me. I hope he's not lying when he says he thinks I take good care of him too. How do we keep an amazing marriage? Do things for your partner that makes them feel well taken care of. If each person in the relationship always feels that support and thoughtfulness, the love grows deep; like the ribs that I soon devoured and found themselves deep in my belly.
I have these two ridiculous faces stalking me right now.

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