Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrity Whispers!

First and foremost, I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. (Someone deleted the video I had here, so click the link to watch my crappy home-made video. The quality isn't great, but it's still funny.)

In honor of Heather, remembering how shark week was more or less the apple of her eye in recent past, I came across this card a Target (pronounced Tar-jhay), laughed out loud, and then proceeded to transform into the weirdo people watched as I took pictures of cards in the aisle like some kind of Hallmark plagiarizer. If the cops come to get me, I'll assume that's what it is for.  
"It's" back! Very funny.
Sleeping with Patrick

Our weekend was pretty low key. It included a heck of a lot of sleeping, laying around, eating, watching the tube, and cuddling. Friday night I couldn't sleep since I had prepared to work extra, but was placed on call, so from 1:00am-5:30am Sumo and I layed on the couch and watched movies. He's my cuddly-wuddly-bear.

Please try not to pay too much attention to my fabulous home hair style

Saturday after after getting my hair cut and running a few errands, we had a home-made authentic Indian dinner at our friends Michelle and Jonathan's apartment in Uptown.  Nice neighborhood! I wanted to contribute by bringing some Naan bread, but Wal-mart was fresh out, so I happened to drive by a place called Hot Breads, and thought to myself, "Hmmm, maybe if they serve hot breads, they will also have fresh Naan." As I walked in, I was pleased to find I was the only white person in the building and the air was thick with curry. "SCORE!" It was delicious, convenient, and stuck true to the root meaning of irony. We accidentally stayed up until about 5:30am Sunday morning talking, playing board games, and listening to music, so that afternoon consisted mainly of naps, eating, and more naps! Oh the life.

That cute face gets you NO WHERE Missy

We have a recent problem on our hands. "The beggar". I'm baffled of when and how this actually began, but Callie has been completely wedged up my butt for about a week now. She is constantly in a state of begging for something. On my shoulder, scratching my head, lifting her paw, performing her "stand" trick out of the blue, squeezing her head between my legs. . . . . . .basically anything to get attention for a treat or for BBR time (Bowel and Bladder Release). She's always been so independent, I don't know where this new found neediness has sprouted from. It started out as cute, but now it's just starting to annoy the crap out of me.

Sumo can't stand it when he thinks Callie is getting more attention than him!

I have a pitiful confession about myself to make. Today I woke up early for work to hit the gym, immediately jumped into my workout clothes, took the dogs out for BBR, and upon taking them back to the apartment realized how desperately starving I was. After short contemplation, I decided I was beyond a snack-bar-fix state and ate a entire dinner instead (consisting of gravy, fatty meat, butter biscuits, eggs, cheese, and jelly. . . . . . basically a total turn-around) while sitting on the couch in my workout attire. Ooops. Atleast I had good intentions, right?

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