Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not On My Watch!!

     My knees have been killing me, especially my left one. I actually get this excruciatingly sharp pain that makes me say, "OUCH!", out loud. It's bad when it actually makes me grimace out loud just doing regular activity; I can't even get out of the car without putting both feet down first. Hoping it was nothing more than stress, I took the last week off from working out. No improvement. Still hurts. So today I embraced my stupid aging body and went to Water Aerobics. Aside from the pregnant girl, I was the youngest individual by at least 20years. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming and the instructor actually offered more variations than I expected so each person could challenge their own fitness level. I treaded more 4ft water than I ever have in my entire life and at one point when I was losing my steam and really starting to sink, I mumbled, "I think I'm going to drown." The instructor heard me, since she was looking directly at me, probably to make sure I wasn't cheating, and yelled, "NOT ON MY WATCH!" Everyone chuckled, but not as much as I was chuckling on the inside thinking of how ridiculous it felt to workout listening to the Beach Boys and Bebop music. It was ultimately fun, and I think I'll return.
    We went to eat at a new place in the neighborhood called Mama Pita. Did you know I loved Mediterranean food?!?! ME EITHER! It was so good. So fresh. I can't wait to go back. There was an fundraiser event transpiring while we were there. Live Jazz. Videographers and photographers. 20% of all proceeds to help save dogs at animal shelters. It's always nice to donate to a cause and benefit my stomach at the same time. Our going there was a last minute decision after, emptying the entire freezer to decide nothing we had looked appetizing, and I'd had the idea in my head ever since I got the advertisement on our doorknob. ADS WORK! I was a hot-mess and my hair looked like I slept with my finger in an electrical outlet, so I threw on a spaghetti strap and a hat before heading out. I was feeling okay until we walked into the super new retro cool spot.

Me: Everyone in here is dressed up. I feel out of place.
Patrick: Not everyone.
Me: Like who?
Patrick: That guy behind you.......... The man over there standing in line........ That guy getting a drink.......
Me: You're only naming males. That's different.
Patrick: Ok, let me see....(nonchalantly looking around)..... Um.......Uhh......Hmmmm..... Ok, well maybe all the women are more dressed up.
Me: Yeah. I'm also the only chic in here that doesn't have any makeup on.
Patrick: You DON'T need makeup! Every other woman in here is ugly as hell and that's why they need makeup.
Me: Aw, thanks hunny. Does my love make your sticker peck out?

My man knows what's up. Words like that get actions like this!


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