Monday, August 15, 2011

Hand Over the Remote

     I like to be in control; I like it a lot, but not in a freakish manner. One of the ways I satisfy this part of my personality is with the Netflix Que List. Hardcore, I knowAnd every now and then, being the generous and pleasure-seeking domesticated wife that I am, my addiction to light-hearted romantic comedies is self-forfeited for substitutions of husband-pleasing flicks. Otherwise, complaints start streaming into my negative-adversed ear drum membranes, which I'd rather avoid. This method is how we came about watching a few interesting enough, but strangely plotted movies last week: The Heart Locker, The Ghost Writer, and Salt. They all had ridiculous endings that agitated me tremendously by killing off characters I liked or were vital to solving the plot!

Ever seen any of them?

WEIRD ENDING! Don't worry about how I had time to watch all these movies.

Angelina's my kind of woman! I think she likes to be in control too. Sexy. Patrick said he had superb confidence that I could pull off all her bad-ass stunts in this movie.

Actually, I guess all these movies are about control freaks. Maybe my subconscious really picked these out!

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