Monday, July 18, 2011

The Pulveriser: Weekly Wal-Lah

     My Kitchen Aid food processor is kick-butt! I got it a couple of weeks ago and am loving everything about it so far. I've nick-named it the Pulverizer. Here are a few of my favorite things about it:

#1 It's red to match my red Kitchen Aid mixer, red toaster, and red kettle. 
# 2 It's the perfect size to keep on my tiny kitchen counter so that I don't have to take it out of a cabinet every time I want to use it.

#3 It's extremely powerful and simple, so I can do anything from chop to puree with the same button 

#4 I can just pull the blade out and slide it back in at any time, so it's so easy to just pour the contents into a container without having to fight around the blade like in a blender.

     This week I made the most amazing salsa/topping/dip with my neat gadget. I threw in an entire package of cherry tomatoes, about 3/4 of a yellow onion, a "bunch" of cilantro (after squirting quite a bit of lime juice on it), a proportionate amount of fresh pineapple, and fresh ground pepper. After chopping all ingredients, I mixed them together and WAL-LAH;a spoon was required for mixing, but I never touched a knife!
     It's great on chips or tacos or chicken, and I can eat it by the spoonful, but I've been using it to top my salad. It's Mexican meets Hawaiian; the perfect intercultural relationship for a summer food affair. A bowl of organic mixed greens with sprinkled feta cheese, sliced flavored almonds, and diced avocado, topped with jalapeno cheese sausage has been my poison of choice the last couple of days, but I can fathom it would be perfect on a Mexican inspired salad with corn and black beans. . . . . . . . .
     What do you think?!?! I think it's a keeper!

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