Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Be So Awesome!

Typically, if I'm not complaining about something ridiculous that happened to me, I'm writing about myself, or bragging about my family. Today I have something positive to say......wait for it.......
But don't worry, it still really boils down to being all about me! 
For the history of my life, I've had tiny ears, which was never a problem until it was way cool to ditch actual HEADphones and start wearing EARphones instead. Since then, I've purchase countless brands but have never been able to find a single pair that actually stay in my ears....until a couple of months ago. Once I discovered these IronMan earphones, my life changed forever. They're a bit pricey, but totally worth every penny, as long as you don't lose the rubber piece that screws into your ear. Lose that, and your up shit creek. 
I bet you can guess what I did, after owning them for a mere couple of weeks. 
For the last month, I've been running outside with only one earphone in my ear (which is actually safer), and the other, now useless piece, dangling in my sports bra musically hypnotizing my boobs. When I run at the gym I can't take hearing all the extra noise around me, so I tried to go back to my HEADphones last week, but got super agitated at my ears feeling pinned down to my head for an hour, so I finally braved Best Buy to give them my pitiful story about how I lost my earpiece weeks ago and was too lazy to bring them back until now. 
After the costumer service girl typed on the computer for what felt like 15 minutes, she went to get me a new pair. She came back smiling and said, "Just so you know, you really had no options.....But I felt horribly bad for you that you spent $60 on a pair of headphones that are now useless, so I'm labeling these at 'Manufacture-ally Damaged ' and exchanging them. Would you like to actually purchase the protection plan this time, so if ANYTHING happens in the future, you can get a new pair, no questions asked?" 
This is why I love Best Buy. They replaced my brand new camera after I got drunk and spilled kool-aid on it last year, making the shutter too sticky to open consistently. They replaced the mother board on our Mac after Lucifer spilled a glass of water on it only a week after we bought it. They sat with me last week and helped me download Photoshop on the computer, even though I didn't purchase it from them, and walked me through backing up my files, even though it's suppose to be against their policy to do it for free, and now they replaced my earphones, even though I was stupid enough not to purchase the protection plan in the first place, despite my track record....
And the second best part, is she "turned her head" while I stole the remaining rubber piece off the headphones I was returning, as a backup, just in case I accidentally lose another one.
I thanked a customer service guy for letting me monopolize his time last week and he said, "I don't mind, as long as your not hostile or mean.".....WHAT? People, stop being mean to these people, they are awesome!!
Thanks Best Buy {the people that work there}, for being so awesome!! Good thing not all of your costumers are like me, and actually take care of their shizzles, or you might go out of business!

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