Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Actually Kept a Secret!!!

This is not a joke. I've personally witnessed the following statements.
"Who's Nirvana? Is that a place or something?"
"Who are the Toadies?"
 Who are you people and where did you come from!?!?!? Are you aliens from another universe? It's hard to imagine that even on a different planet within our solar system you could be ignorant to such great music. 
After a morning of jam packed fun, we cleaned up and headed to the surprise I'd been teasing Patrick with for the last month. It was unbelievably difficult to keep my mouth and excitement on lock down for so long, but actually managed not to break until we finished the mud run.
Then I think he fell a little more in love with me. 
We washed the mud from all our crevices and got in line early, not only to admire this creative smoker, but to make sure we landed a comfy spot to stand for the next 5 hours. 
What do the lead singers of these bands have in common: Cold Play, Seether, Dave Matthews, Stain'd?
They have sexy voices. What makes them sexy? There's nothing perfect about their singing technique, except for perfect imperfection. It's more about the way they express their lyrics with emotion that sounds so sincere and believable. I'd add the singer of the Toadies to that list if his lyrics weren't so creepy!
Our goal at scoring a good perch could not have been more perfectly met. We found a ledge to lean on, positioned above the mosh crowd, and laughed with the couple next to us as we people watched the drunk leading the drunker. It was good stuff.
When the band returned to the stage for their encore, they brought out a special guest: the lead guitarist that started the band over 20 years ago. They all bowed down to him and made worshiping gestures to his skills, then proceeded to jam. 
They actually played 5 songs during the encore, one of them being a really dramatic drum version of  "I Burn", with the members from the opening bands playing extra drums, which was probably the highlight of their life, and I only caught the last part of it on the video I featured above. I think they were super fired up since it was their last show before having a month off, after working hard on their new album. 
And to finish a fun filled day the right way, we ate Whataburger on the couch and compared battle wounds from the morning Mud Run. It's insane how many injuries you can acquire unknowingly when your adrenaline is pumping. I've got some impressive bruising, but Patrick won; that boy is so beat up it's almost not funny.
Check out those fancy armbands; the Palladium people actually scanned our Driver's License and these things popped out of a machine...very high tech. 
Seriously, if you aren't familiar with this band, your official homework for this week is to youtube these songs: I Burn, Tyler, Away, Backslider, I Come from the Water, Possum Kingdom.
You'll be a happier person. 

What's your favorite "go to" food to end a late night?


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