Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kickin' It

I may have worked 8 twelve hour shifts in a matter of a 10 day stretch, to come back for more only 2 days later.....but that kind of nonsense doesn't keep my fun-o-meter under par!!!
You bet your sweet cellulite free booty that I somehow managed to squeeze in a few decent runs with my girls in Arbhor Hills, which we recently  nicknamed, "The Nature Preserve where everybody knows your wave"....I know, I know, it's a ltitle long, but still oddly catchy in a friendly familiar way, right?
You can also gamble your hairy nipples that I finished reading the Twilight Saga Collection. What a happy ending it was. I'll have to find some way to fill the now gaping void I have in my heart since Vampires and Warewolves wont be around to occupy all my spare moments. I almost downloaded 50 Shades of Grey...until I realized Amazon wanted to charge a ridiculous amount of money for a trilogy that I heard doesn't even have a real plot.......So I'm going to try Pandora's Key...Anyone read it?
I'm not very good at smiling and holding my breath under water at the same time...hence the terribly uncomfortable look on my face and the millions of bubbles escaping my orafaces!!
And you can wager your lint holding belly button that I got outside long enough on Memorial Day for the first pool day of the year with  my Hunny-Bunny, Jessica, and Bobby-B. We relaxed while dodging heathen launched toys and careless splashes. The Texas Ranger's scored over 7 points the night before, so we each ordered our own pizza from Papa John's for 50% off, washing it down with homemade beeritas!!

Ahhhh, what a life. 

Have you made homemade Beeritas at home yet?
1 can limeaide concentrate
1 can tequilla (use the empty limeaide can)
Fill with ice and blend
Add 2-3 mexican beers


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