Saturday, June 2, 2012


This may seem petty compared to some forms of bullying that exist in our world, but I'm not the type of person this kind of thing usually happens to. I'll share because it was real. Real ridiculous:

It's not a secret I have a hard time getting my self together for work in a timely manner when Patrick isn't home to help me. And so I was running rampit around the house, scrambling to get the dogs inside, and make it to work on time without forgetting my brain, when my phone rang.
Why I answered, I don't know.

Douche Bully: Hello this is D.B. (for the sake of my testimony) from Carter Blood Bank. I'd like to speak to you about....blah blah, something generic, our area has had a blood shortage for the last 100 years, please save the world with your awesomeness, blah.........And was wondering if I could set up an appointment for you to come donate blood.
Me: I'm not eligible to donate. I just got a tattoo a few weeks ago. But thanks anyway.
Douche Bully: They actually changed that regulation, so now it's completely fine....We don't even care if you have hepatitis, just come on in, in fact, there's always a possibility that we could be the ones to give you hepatitis....When would you like to schedule an appointment?
Me: Actually, I work night shift, so it's really hard for me to get to the clinics during their hours. So I don't think I can.
Douche Bully: Well that's not a problem either. We have several different clinics with flexible hours to accommodate your schedule.....where we will torture you with needles the size of your pinky finger.......Just tell me your hours, and I'll tell you which clinic to visit.
Me: Well, I don't have my schedule memorized, so I really can't give a day. So I guess it will just have to be another time.
Douche Bully: That's not a problem either. I can schedule you for a random day in advance and we will just call you the day before to remind you of your appointment, and you can reschedule at that time, if you need to.
Me: Look mister, I'm in a huge hurry right now tying to leave for work, and I really don't have time for this conversation.
D.B.: Okay, sorry about taking up so much of your time. I'll just make you an appointment really fast, and then you can be on your way.
Me: Fine.........whatever get's you the F off my case..........
D.B: How about this day......blah blah
Me: Ya. Alrighty then, great......when Hell freezes over....Bye.
D.B.: Thanks! Have a blessed day, and thanks for making an appointment with Carter Blood Bank.......where we will force you to forfeit your blood for the greater good of society against your own will.

Annoyed. Completely and utterly.
No other adjectives could touch the way I felt after that moment.
D.B. better consider himself lucky it's not possible to strangle someone through the phone.
Just say no to bullying, people. All forms.
P.S. I do give blood from time to time, but prefer to do it out of my own free will.

When's the last time you were bullied?


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