Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It Came!!!! Run For the Water!!

It happened again. Summer came. 
Outside temperatures have officially reached triple digit heights, attempting to destruct the happiness that is my life. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say they {the digits} are here to stay, so I've started planning my survival.
First on the list, head my parent's new lake lot and hibernate in the water, on a floaty, with an ice cold Dos Equis in my belly.
I've always thought sleeping in the sun makes for some of the best naps, especially when my body is surrounded by cool liquid.
My parents said when they win the lottery, they are going to buy this peninsula house. Of course we anchored here, so we could admire the future residence.
My dad, he loves to smile for candids.
Obviously, there's a personality gap. 
But how can our faces be any other way when there's not much in this world more invigorating than feeling the wind whipping it's aroma cocktail of fresh nature rich molecules and gasoline vapors through your hair. Just call me Ricky Bobby, because I like to go fast, espeically when I'm sitting on the front bench of the boat and we hit a big wave that makes the water crash up over the edges and my tummy does a little flip-flop. That makes me extra excited. 
How symbolic.....I'm the only woman in his eyes. (I apologize, if you had to wipe any cheese off your face after that last statement.)
Every half hour I heard, "Hey Hunny, wake up. I'm bored. Talk to me about something."
Ummm.....how 'bout I just snore to you about something instead?
I wonder why the last rule ever needed to be pointed out? Makes me think someone got hooked by a dock fisher. Patrick got fish hooked in the Elbin (elbow-skin) once. He apparently was such a wuss about it, he had to be taking to the ER for them to remove it! Ahhh, I wish I was there for a moment like that, so I could laugh about how it happened. 
"No loitering," at a boating dock? Seriously?
 The law people at Richland Chambers don't mess around. We were only on the water for about 2.5 minutes before the Game Wardens interrogated us. 
But ain't no law gonna hold us down, fools, because we came prepared. 
There's nothing like spending a weekend sleeping in a 1/4 size twin bunk bed, pooping in a bag, and showering in a shower that looks like it was stolen from the set of The Fifth Element and made for a 5ft  0in person, to make you really appreciate the frequently simple, but convenient accommodations in life. 
Oh ya, and we brought the pups. They loved being outside in the shade, kept company by box fans and their people all day long.
Good times......as long as you remembered to apply plenty of mosquito spray first, forget that, and your good times are over. 

What do you do to survive the summer heat? What's your breaking point?


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