Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Makeover

As the story goes, all things in life seem to come in feast or famine.
All I have to say is, it's a good thing I worked so many extra shifts the last couple of weeks, becuase I just spent half of it in a single day.
Little did I know dragging my butt out of bed at 7 am to run with the girls would be the easiest thing I did on Friday. It was way harder to try and sneak out of the house without the dogs seeing me in my running gear. Once they noticed, it was all over. I had to take them with me.
They both ran 4 miles with us girls with the uptmost enthusiam; Callie protecting us from any male human with a beating heart, and Sumo keeping us safe from treacherous squirrels and venom fanged wild rabbits. It wasn't until the workout was over that we noticed in all his scavenges he had become completely matted with summer burs. From head to toe, he had transformed into a tangled knot. 
I spent the generous 45 minute window I gave myself, originally to get ready for breakfast with my brother, holding Sumo down in the bathtub, lathering him with conditioner to try and brush out the stickers.
After failing miserably and cutting enough hair off of him to cover the bathtub floor, I considered myself defeated and lacking of the proper tools. I couldn't take him to the groomer until after I took both dogs to the vet that afternoon for their latest shots, so I spent the time in between having breakfast with Dusty, helping him finish packing up his apartment (I'm too easy to bribe with Eggs Benedict and Starbucks), and running a million errands around town. Of course I had to do everything twice, since I realized, while washing my hair, I bought 2 things of conditioner instead of one being shampoo....I brought the wrong cable connecter to Best Buy for the diagnostic test on our computer...and I needed more AAA batteries since last time I purchased any, I bought yet another package of AA instead...Anyone want to buy some batteries or conditioner????
I hope the vet believed my pitiful sob story of why my dog looked like I had just picked him up from the homeless shelter.....And the groomers!! Remember the last time, AKA the first time, I took Sumo to them looking so terrible? Well that was nothing compared to this! They probably love it when I bring in our dogs, pure entertainment in the making.
Long story short, a lot of time and a butt load of money later, everyone in the family got new hair cuts this week.....except for Lucie. And we're all looking sharp....except for Sumo, who now really does look like we picked him up from a shelter.
Where I was going with this story??
Oh yeah......don't ever think you're going to have extra money in your pocket just because you worked to ass off to make some.
And later that night Patrick says to me, "I saw the surpise you left me in my shower. And don't worry, I already cleaned it for you." Oops.

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