Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wow, Did THAT Really Just Happen?

Okay, so I gave a itty bitty tiny short run at pretending to be a mother. Apparently, since the kid almost drown, merely 10 minutes into the whole gig, I have some room for growth.
See.....what had happened was.......
I took for granted how tricky a 3 year old boy can be, masked by his blue eyed charm and initial sweetness.
One minute I was wading in the water with my workout pants rolled up to my knees, self proclaiming my legitimate reasons why I couldn't "go swimming with him", and 5 seconds later, he purposefully stepped off the 6'' deep water ledge into the 3' 6'' water, and I watched him sink to the bottom of the pool, like a rock, without so much as a nervous twitch of an effort to float or swim. The ironic part was we were there for his last day of swimming lessons......
I found myself diving into the pool, fully clothed, to save his life. As I lifted him to safety, the look on his face gave away things may not have gone exactly as he planned,  which all made sense after I talked to his mom later that day, and discovered he usually wears a shirt with built-in flotation devices.
Light bulb moment. 
So I stared my day soaking wet with no change of clothes.......but alas, another small life saved.......I managed to get fully dry just in time for hot yoga, leaving somewhere drenched for the second time in one day, the latter being under my own terms and conditions. 
And then there was that time, shortly after, when a teenager had to show me how to use a booster seat......... I wonder if his school secretary was curious as to why I was wearing soaking wet clothes? Sigh.
(Above is him, all set up in his booster, playing with everything mobile in my umbrella with a flashlight on the end {that didn't work, he informed me}...and my very cool Buddy Holly S.G.'s......)
I couldn't help but laugh at the conversation that transpired between our men over the incident.

Hey. When saving you son in the pool last week, my wife got her clothes wet. Those were special clothes I purchased from India and they were worth a lot of money. You now owe us $100,000. Next time we come visit you can just gimme a check. That should do.

All ready to move in, he says.....
 All mishaps aside, me and my girls had a great pool day last week with time to dawn appropriate water wardrobe first.
I should really work on my lady-like posing.
FYI, Buffalo Hot Wing flavored Snyder pretzels, fresh cherries, and an ice cold wheat beer from a hospital sippy-cup is a fabulous pool snack combo!!!

P.S. Happy Independence Day; have a safe one!!! No drowning, you hear?!?!? And a big thanks to those who have risked or sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom. 

What do you think.....I'll get better at this one day, right?


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