Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Hit the Junkpot!

Oh. My. Goodness. 
Sometimes on my days off, I take a different route to my destination, just to discover new things.
Remember when I asked my family to come visit me so we could go shopping at the huge flee market that only happens once a month, and I sent them up here on the wrong weekend?!?! Well I wish I'd known, that day, about this amazing place I found this week: Frisco Mercantile. It is basically a mini-indoor flee market/antique store!!
That's the cool thing about living in the Metroplex. It doesn't matter how long you've lived here, there are always super rad things waiting to be discovered. 
I just said, "Super Rad". 
Just look at the stuff I didn't actually need, but was screaming to be adopted to a good home by someone who would appreciate it's awesome-ness!!!! 
I know. I just said, "Awesome-ness", and insinuated inanimate objects have feelings. At least "Rad" is actually a real abbreviated word. 
Cobalt blue glass juicer....
 Magnets made from recycled metal and old silverware....
A red oil lantern and old wooden clog......I'm thinking of planting a little succulent cactus in the clog. 
The most adorable yellow stackable teapot set..... I absolutely love it's random quirkiness sitting atop my brassy goldfish. 
And while walking the dogs around the neighborhood, I came across a yard sale........I was able to gather the tools there to start some of the projects I've saved for myself on Pinterest!!! Not to mention, but I'll brag anyway, I couldn't resist this vintage mirror for the bargain price of $4. It adds the perfect bohemian quality to my mantel!!
I didn't purchase this, but did tease Patrick about finding him a mower for $25, since he currently keeps the entire yard groomed with a weed-eater.
And then there was this thing....which got a lot of feed back to my question on Facebook: Creepy or Cute? Turns out most people thought it was plum creepy, which probably isn't the exact feel it's designer intended, but I thought it would be perfect to put on our front porch to scare away burglars and small soliciting childern. Don't worry, I didn't buy it either. 

Do you make a point to discover new things in your area, or just stay content with what you know? 


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