Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Lot of Fun with a Side of Trouble

We met Tim and Laura for dinner at Neo's Pizza, a place we tried a while back, and wasn't convinced it was Dallas' best pizza, but they had us swaying in a more positive direction after this last visit! I could totally kick myself for not photographing how amazing the pizza and dessert was.......but then again, a frozen image without fragrance would probably serve it no justice
Note to self: Always order the Black Truffle and The Dream on Metro-style crust, with an Olivella salad, and the Dessert Pizza. I think I may have just started to drool a little.
Those two cute crazy love birds totally kept it a secret that they were celebrating their 13th Anniversary together!!! I feel so special they shared it with us over good food and music.....and of course, gearing up some exciment by living on the edge a little!! I love anyone who will risk getting into trouble for a bit of fun!
When we discovered the balcony section was open, we did a little booty shake for joy, took some seats, and then turned around to discover the super cool booth behind us. Tim immediately started to plot our booth invasion, and Laura began the investigation.
Door was open, but chair was blocking entrance....easy fix.
Security gaurd said it's reserved for someone.....ghost's maybe??
When the headliner, Neon Trees, made their debut, we decided to screw the rules, and jumped into the booth, gansta style. And when I say "we", I mean everyone except my nervous husband, the worrier, who proceeded to dance and be silly in our seats until we got caught and kicked out by a gaurd who acted completely disgusted by a few adults just wanting to enjoy life and not let a few good seats go to waste!
We only got to feel like Abraham Lincoln for one song, but it was exciting while it lasted!
Neon Trees was awesome. They bring more energy to one stage then I could ever experience at one time, even if I was pumped up with a lifetime supply of Monsters and Red Bulls.
Their theme? "Fame is Dead"....whatever that means.
It was officailly my first HOB concert where the lead singer actually did a wardrobe change in the middle!! A little bizzare, but interestingly humorous!

Do you consider getting into a little trouble "fun", or prefer to play it safe like my husband?


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