Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Scenary

As much as I LOVE this place....it's always nice to have new scenary, and I think I found a new place close by that could offer just that!
It's nothing short of hot and muggy outside, even at the crack of dawn these days, but I always enjoy a little girl-time in rubber-soled-shoes. 
Running with the sunrise is always so exhilarating. 
I discovered Greenbelt park in Carrollton a few weeks ago, driving by, but the view from the road didn't give away any secrets! 
So I took the pups there this week to test out the trails, and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. There's not as much shade on the actual trails as there is at Arbor Hills, but the two-lane looped path is very nice, and there's plenty of grass and trees in the surrounding areas for Callie and Sumo to explore. 
Even though I wouldn't let them play in this water, like I do at our other place, it's at least nice to look at......unlike the butt Callie had in her face the whole ride home, while Sumo was stealing all the A/C!
This look says it all. "That was fun, but can you please do something about this butt all up in my area???"

What's better: Sunrise or Sunset??


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