Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Invest in Polish

One of our favorite passtimes right now is cuddling on our amazing couch and watching movies together. Lazy, but oh so fun.
Any Netflix users out there? I know there's so many different ways to watch movies now days, but I just stick with what I know. Because Netflix is extremely slow to put brand new mainstream movies into instant download form and we are cheap, we've been watching a lot of independent films, the last one being Take This Waltz.
We actually started it becuase it was listed as a comedy with Seth Rogan, but even though their was some quirky "haha" moments, we both agreed the label was way too light for such a heavy message. Heavy, but true and real. I felt like there are so many people in this world who could benefit from the moral of this story if they were keen enough to really grasp it.
I've talked before about how love evolves. Nothing in this world ever stays the same. Everything requires maintence, everything. This day in age, we've become acustomed to having new things, but new is only temporary and people don't qualify as "things".
If you're one of the lucky ones who's found a best friend in your spouse, cherish what you haveNuture your relationship. Kindle the romance, whatever that might mean in the stage you find yourselves in. It's okay to be comfortable; it's an amazingly special kind of closeness, actually.
Don't mistake something new for something better. The shimmer will eventually wear off, and then what will you be left with? 


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