Thursday, May 9, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

You really can't go wrong by spending a beautiful Saturday outside sunbathing and tailgating.......even if the wind is blowing 40mph.  
We got out to the ballpark parking lot a hour before the attendants allow parking, just to get in line and stake out the perfect grass spot to set up our spread. 
It was as perfect time for relaxing, especially with fresh Mojitos and good company to pass the time.  
Between Jess and I, we had plenty of amazingly delicious food to have everyone thinking we were at a ballpark gourmet restaurant instead of a day picnic.
If there's one thing we know how to do besides save lives (this week is Nurse's Week, so do something nice for a nurse in your life!!), it's feed people. 
Our boys managed the grills and mastered the art of cooking the perfect juicy sausages and charred shish kabob veggies, while us women supervised. 
We took silly pictures......
And got together for our infamous family self timer photo....
An ice cream truck even made it's rounds and the girls took full advantage of it......what a happy sound the ice cream truck makes. 
Of course after the truck was long gone and the girls had already started drooling over their purchases, James decided he wanted some too.......
....and it only took Vickie about 30 minutes to lose the sunglasses she came with......
Jessica's parents made it to the party a few minutes before the game started and we were sad to have to part ways for our split seats.......
But lo and behold, they weren't far away!!! They were just across the isle from us, so we could make faces and gestures to each other for the next 3 hours......we were also just across the isle from some guy that kept mocking the traveling concession people and yelling out, "Butt scratcher!! Get your butt scratcher!!" know like that Peter on the Family Guy episode. 
I can't believe we didn't make it to a single Ranger game last year!! Time goes by so fast. SLOW DOWN, time, COOL YOUR BOOTS. 
Did I mention this was my mom's birthday?!? I tried to get her to come, but she's just so content at the river! One day she's going to have a weak moment and give in, and see what she's missing out on. 
For two weeks I'd been waiting for this moment, to order my beloved lemon Chill. Who cares about cracker jacks and peanuts?!?!? 
My favorite part about spring season baseball games is the warmth of the day and chill of the evening. It wasn't long before we needed a light jacket, and I was in weather ecstasy. 
Warning: by the looks of the rest of the these pictures it may look like we were too busy being silly to pay attention to the game.......
.......and that assumption would probably be pretty close to accurate. 
No matter how full we are walking into the ballpark, we always get the munchies, so I packed the best snack ever, Cheetos. 
You actually would have never known how much we ate while tail gaiting after seeing the massive box of quesadillas and nachos Bobby bought.......
And I love how Jessica gave us the box after they were done with she was being so sweet and sharing......
But we were on to her plan. She really just left a couple of bites to donate so they could push that massive box off on us to dispose of, so they didn't have to do it. 
Even though she's sneaky, I still love her. Who can resist those dimples?
Long story short, Texas beat the crap outta Boston and our day could only have been better if my mom would have given in to coming!!!!
 (Like how I threw that last part in there, Mom? P.S. Sorry I sent you a movie in the mail that you already had because you have no patience and just buy whatever you want!!!)

What's your favorite part about baseball?


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