Thursday, May 30, 2013

Agree to Disagree

Patrick and I disagree on something, but I'll get to that in a minute. 
No one disagree's that our nature outings our super fun. The puppies can barely contain themselves when they hear the keyword "park".
It's not a wonder why; with the Black-eyed Susan's out in full bloom and all the fresh bright green foliage, it's not exactly unpleasant on the eyes. 
Even a fallen tree has a way of looking graceful in the right setting. 
The puppies are definitely feeling the rising temperatures outside, though. After exhausting the supply of water I brought, they kept begging to take a dip in the spring every time we passed an opening.
As fun as it is to spend our evenings at the park, every now and then taking a sushi break is a must. For the first time, we bought a Groupon to try a new restaurant with a half price tab and it worked out fabulous.  
Fin Sushi was a tiny little place, and the drunk ladies behind us that started off loud and funny, continued to drink themselves into an escalating argument, eventually resulting in the table across from them pulling their "shade" down to give a subtle hint. We left before getting to know how it all ended, but had our own little disagreement as well.......a much more friendly disagreement.  
 Apparently I always use the "wrong" end of the chopsticks. Wrong or right, my way seems much more practical, and my rolls never fall apart because they're better supported by more surface area.
After agreeing to disagree, there was one subject we we found ourselves on the same side of. Date night is perfected by FroYo, and there's only one "right" end of a spoon. 
Red Mango was calling our names so we gave in. Too bad there isn't a constant revolving Groupon for that place! I got super adventurous and put a new flavor in my bowl to keep my regulars company. It was like a gingerbread chocolate original tart pomegranate bowl of cold creamy goodness. Just thinking about makes my mouth start watering. 
However we spend our evenings, disagreements or not, as longs as it's together, it's the best time ever. 

Which end of the Chopsticks do you use: the skinny/pointy end or the wide/blunt end?


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