Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Edge Fest: It's All in the Neck

Edge Fest morning came super fast and early......which is when I inconveniently realized I needed to print our tickets.......which is when I unfortunately realized in mid-ticket-printing our printer was completely out of ink......which is when I had to scramble fast to find a rescuer. Tim and Lara saved the day, though I had to go through a bit of teasing first.
Kitten started out our day with fire and energy, refusing to let her sprained ankle restrict her hair tossing and acrobatic object hopping on stage. I commend her determined spirit. 
Youngblood Hawke was fun. I only knew a few of their songs, but was a fan of everything they played. 
With the morning cloud cover and cool breeze, Patrick and I were in weather heaven, while our other friends actually thought it was "cold". 
Capital Cities made us laugh. They played some super awesome versions of cover songs, and had the entire crowd doing their little made up dances in synchrony......and with those matching white jackets, who could resist their 80's charm?
Patrick begged me to wear my tight stripped pants, and who am I to disappoint a good husband? When I was frantically searching the house for them, we had a disagreement. I was calling them my "black and white stripped pants". He said he had never seen me in black and white stripped pants, but thought he might know where my "white and black stripped pants" because they were white pants with black stripes....... 
Who's to say they aren't black pants with really wide white stripes, Patrick??? Huh? HUH?!?!?
Atlas Genius came back to Dallas!! We saw them a while back at House of Blues; always a pleasure. 
I'd never heard of Robert Delong, but he made a lasting impression on us. As a one man show, he stood up on stage using only two instruments and some sort of electrical wand to make super cool music that I would totally run to. If I wasn't so comfy, sunbathing in my perfect stadium seat, I might have got up to look for my tennis shoes. 
Naomi and her boy toy came to hang with us for a while. 
Is it weird that Paulie Shore payed us a visit? He tried to tell everyone who he was by listing the movies he was in, and couldn't hardly think of any of them!! Made me giggle. 
Either The Neighbourhood or Twenty One Pilots....I really can't remember which.....staged a tiny rebellion against being on Stage B and having to relinquish attention to Stage A. 
The lead singer climbed all the way to the top of the the speaker tower to get everyone fired up with him. It was a pretty great finale to a energetic performance. 
It's so nice to relax all day with each other and people watch. 
You should really try it sometime. 
Just when we thought it was weird to see Paulie Shore on stage, they topped it with Flash Gordon, who promoted Ted (one of Patrick's favorite movies right now) and encouraged people to join the Army.....random.   
Awolnation never disappoints.........
......especially not when Aaron Bruno shows up all the crowd surfers by actually surfing on the crowd using a boogie board. 
A Day to Remember came on and I practiced my head banging skillz with them. 
There really is a technique as not to jumble too many brain cells; it's all in the neck. 
Maybe one day I'll make Patrick's dreams come true and dye my hair a crazy color like Paramore's lead singer (who is an amazing singer and performer), then wear a normal colored wig to work every day so I won't get in trouble for "looking unprofessional", because we all know the color of our hair dictates to other people how much we actually know about our job. 
Bush came on and played everyone's old favorites. 
Gavin Rossdale made all the ladies heart's throb by squeezing his sweaty body through the crowd, migrating his way to the sound control, then up the stadium seats before finding his place back on stage. I wanna know how many girls refused to shower that night.......
During his solo performance of Glycerine I looked to Patrick and we both agreed something sounded off. There was a pause in the strumming. Then it restarted, more off than in the beginning, completely out of key. There was a tuning issue. A recipe for disaster for a lot of performers, but not Gavin. Unshaken by the mishap, he let go of the guitar and continued to sing the rest of the song A Capella. Moments later, everyone in the crowd started to sing along in support. 
We all mess up every now and then, even the best of us. But it's not if we fall that matters, it's how we get back up. 
We only stuck around for a couple of Pheonix's songs, since everything was behind schedule and we felt bad for leaving the puppies by themselves cooped up in the house all day, not to mention Whataburger was calling our names..........but what we did hear was golden. There's just only so much the ears can listen to when the stomach is sending out messages of it's own. 

Ever practice your head banging skillz? What do you think about the stripe description, does it really matter which color comes first?


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