Monday, May 13, 2013

Accidents Are More Fun

Patrick took off Thursday for our concert day, and after having a cozy family breakfast together we went on an excursion with the puppies. Little did we know the weather was going to try and throw a wrench in our plans. We were already invested when little sprinkles started hitting the pavement, which eventually turned into bigger and bigger rain drops steadily falling from the sky.
The smell of wild flowers and new rain was so refreshing, and despite being completely soaked, we still managed to break a sweat due to the muggy air. Determined to get a decent distance under our belts before surcoming to the storm, we did a lot of running and racing. 
Let's just say the picture with me and Sumo was blurry because we are so speedy amd in no way reflects Patrick's phone photography skills. Patrick and I were both dying (bellies full of bacon isn't very conducive to feeling light and bouncy), but Callie and Sumo loved every minute.
It's a darn good thing I had a towel in the car for emergency situations!
After the four of us got cleaned up and dry, Patrick and I set out across the Metroplex before the highways turned into afternoon parking lots. Little did we know, two different GPS systems would do a sufficient enough job of keeping us from where we were going without needing the brake lights of traffic added to the equation. 
We drove in circles for a solid 30 minutes before we accidentally located one of the restaurants on the map. When we finally found New York Pizzeria, against our phone's will, we realized it was a tiny "take out/delivery only" place connected to a gas station.........sigh. Starving and with limited options, we ordered anyway.
Patrick walked over to the gas station to get us drinks, and as we were leaving we got the bright idea to drive back to the little park area we stumbled upon while aimlessly lost (and trying to keep our sanity and optimism in check).
It happened to be the perfect place for a pizza picnic.

Some people joke about me carrying too much stuff around, but those people are the ones who wouldn't have had a puppy potty pad in the back of their car to place on the dirty picnic table so their white dress wouldn't get dirty, or an infant blanket to use as an extremely large cloth napkin. 
Even though things went completely not as planned, it all worked out. The food was delicious, especially the garlic cheese french bread, we actually spent less money than we would on a normal Whataburger run, and we didn't even finish one piece of the pizza. 
Since we'd done nothing else normal that day, Patrick continued the streak by drinking his 40 in a plastic bag instead of a paper one. It's all about improvisation. Nerd. 
We took a stroll by the muddy creek while I finished my hard lemonade, then we were off to the concert!!!
I wore my Mom's favorite dress from her 20's. I hadn't brought it out in a while, so it was ready to see some action.  

Have you gotten into any fun accidents lately? What's the oldest peice of clothing in your closet that you still wear?


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