Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Say it, Don't Spray it

The healing process is complete and I'm thrilled with the results. All the movement and depth is memorizing. 
It's a good thing my husband thinks my tattoos are sexy; I need all the extra help I can get lately. 
This week while laying in bed, just when things were starting to get frisky, he said something that made me laugh resulting in me accidentally spraying an innocently light layer of snot all over his face. Gotta love those December sniffles!!
There's no better technique to get your man awake enough to be in the mood like giving him an excuse to get up and wash his face (as long as he can quickly forgive and forget)!
And thus the saying "Say it, Don't Spray it" now has a much more profound meaning in our household.

Embarrassing sack stories, anyone??


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