Monday, December 3, 2012

In the Spirit

Our first year of marriage, we moved to California and learned how to live poor. It was through that invigorating experience we decided to gift everyone with the spirit of our presence for the holidays via the media of a homemade Christmas CD. 
We filled it with silliness, fun, and cover songs of our favorite holiday tunes, and called it 
"A kpLOVE Christmas". Since then, it's become a tradition in place of corny Christmas cards (which I love getting, BTW). 
We always say, "Next year let's start super early, like July, so we can have the extra time to make the songs really amazing".......and every year we end up waiting until the last minute. 
The truth is, it's just really hard to infuse a song with the joy of Christmas before it really feels like Christmas.....also most of our creativity is derived from drinking and pulling all-nighters. 
So, as soon as Thanksgiving (I refuse to jip TG, y'all) was over I decked out the house with joyous gear, including the cinnamon stick bundles from our wedding day, and several of my favorites from childhood, like the yarn train that brings back so many fun memories of decorating the house with my mom as a child.........  
Back then, I used to fill up all the compartments with Hershey kisses and pretend the train was hauling them somewhere fun, which always made me so happy, so this year I did just that. I recently discovered this delicious new holiday version of kisses, and splurged......the cool thing is the caboose has little candie canes on it knew this destiny would one day come true!
Last on the checklist was alcohol. It just so happened I visited my hairdresser and purchased some of his homemade Apple Pie Moonshine. I'll be honest, the dirty water appearance and "moonshine" title had me a little timid......but O.M.G. am I glad I was so brave!! This stuff is like a holiday party in my mouth. 
And so it was time to bring A kpLOVE Christmas 2012 to life.
Patrick: Do you have any ideas for this year?
Me: Nope.....but we never do, and our accidents are always my favorite!!!
Off to the studio we go!!!
Wish us luck, we are trying to use Garage Band to record for the first time and it's been quite a learning curve! 

What's your favorite Christmas song? 
I decided my Tiki man looks so good in his Santa hat that he's going to look naked come January, so I want to start dressing him for every season.....what do you think?


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