Thursday, December 20, 2012

Partly Proud. Equally Embarrassed.

It seriously feels like just a couple of months ago we went to How the Edge Stole Christmas, but people who aren't as bad with dates as yours truly, inform me it was actually 12 months ago to be exact.
The line-up was fantastic (The Joy Formidable, Passion Pit, Group Love, Metric, Fun, Silversun Pickups), Group Love winning my favoritism with their eclectic energy and versatility. (I chose this blurry photo of them because all my photos of them were blurry. They literally never stopped moving.)
I'd like to share a story about true love.
There once was a girl who woke up too late to have time to eat before the earliest Friday concert in history. She snuck in her own Smores and Caramel vodka by the grace of her husband's socks, mixed it with coke, and almost died over the fact it tasted so good one might mistakenly try to chew it......but the heavenly drink was still no substitute for food of substance.
 This same girl, the one who refused to waste good money on over priced concert drinks, grew weary over her choices of awful overpriced mediocre tasting concert food.
Wait......what's that??? To what before her wondering eyes should appear?? Was that a delicious looking chicken wrap heartily grasped between the greedy hands of the man sitting in front of her who probably wasn't as hungry as she??
Her mouth began to water and the effects of fasting was starting to take it's toll on her patience. She immediately begged her handsome knight in cotton armor to brave the hostile crowd in efforts of fetching this aromatic feast.
As soon as the next band started playing he dashed away with pride to please his ghostly colored to the point of transparency  fair lady.
Determined make her proud he eagerly waited in 3 separate lines to grant her request......only to be told by every concession tender they had sold out of wraps.
 Heartbroken and defeated, he returned to his starving madam. Not only did he miss Group Love's entire
performance, but in his hands he ashamedly boar chicken strips and french fries, a far fetch from her original request. His anger and frustration soon vanished when he saw what joy this brought her as she devoured the fried feast before her, only sharing but a few bites here and there.
Then the two rocked on amongst friends and strangers alike, for it's the effort derived from love that counts the most when it comes down to a wrap's weight on happiness and the knight's selfless generosity left the fair lady feeling like a queen of the highest stature. 
I have to be honest, I wasn't stoked about Fun, since the radio had completely burned me out by overplaying their most recently popular songs, but their feel-good vibe and talent made me forget all about those negative thoughts while they were on stage. They had me dancing and singing along in no time.
There isn't a bad seat in the house of Verizon Theater, but this year our seats rocked my socks off, which is serious, because I was wearing knee highs. Tim got our tickets on presale, and by the time the concert sold out, they were selling for triple the cost we paid.
But anyone who knows me is aware that breaking the rules is my kind of excitement and when a girl I just met suggested we try to sneak past the guard to stand at the stage for Silversun Pickups' performance, I was just plain giddy.
When security started making their rounds and checking armbands for access, we were conveniently unavailable, deep in conversation, hoping to get overseen. So we got to stay!! (Yes, I left my husband in the dust for this excursion.....but at least he had our other friends to keep him company while I got my mini-adrenaline kick.)
How often does one have the opportunity to take a picture of the band taking your picture???
Seeing this, overcomes me with equal parts pride and embarrassment. I can't believe I got to hang out so close, but I also can't believe I didn't know the difference between the "rock and roll hand sign" and "hook 'em horns hand sign".........(sigh).....anyone who knows my husband understands this is a big deal.   
And so, this fairly tale concert date night ended happily ever after (minus my accidental salute to UT).

How well do you know your hand signs? Are you a fan of concert food?

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