Monday, December 31, 2012

Placenta Poll

When it comes to primal instinct and hormones, there's only so much we can mentally override.
Like, for instance, there's something about babies that gets me all maternal........even when it comes to the non-human kind.......
If it was up to me I'd have brought home every puppy and miniature piglet I saw at Trade Days a couple of weekends ago and stolen this puppy from a friend that we recently if I don't have enough responsibilities.
I mean cute are our doggies in the little outfits their great grandmother sent for them? The holiday one's are great, but I think the leopard is my favorite.
 I can't decide if they look more like they walked off the set of Bedrock or the stage of a strip club.
 Something about my instinct also tells me this man running himself ragged with the fur babies, just to make them happy, is super sexy. 
I'm taking a poll. 
Just out of morbid curiosity.....does the following scenario trigger some sort of deep primal instinct in your body to get all hot and heavy or is this just plain disgusting?

Scene set: You're all sweaty and ragged after delivering your newborn infant just a few short moments ago. Your new love is cuddling on your chest and your old love is leaning over your shoulder, all smiles. 

You: So, what did you do with the placenta?
Nurse: I disposed of it.
You: Oh darn! I was going to save it and make soup with it!
Nurse: ??
You: No, I'm just kidding. husband probably wouldn't want to eat it after everything he just saw.
Husband: (Says this with silk in his voice like he'd been saying it for years as his #1 pick-up line.) Baby, I'd eat your placenta any day, any way. 

I couldn't make this stuff up.

P.S. Thanks a million, Nana and Patrick, for my amazing Oakley Radarlock's, a.k.a one of the most difficult purchase decisions I've ever made. (Nana could totally be a Oakley's model with the way she's rockin' that pair!)
I tested them out this weekend and they were the definition of perfect; totally worth all the driving around town drama, multiple store visits, and minor meltdowns.
P.P.S. Happy New Year, and be safe out there!

So......would you like to know your man thinks you're sexy inside and out (literally)?


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