Monday, December 17, 2012

If Only......

Patrick and I really wanted a fun Christmas inspired picture for the CD cover this year, but we could never coordinate our schedules with friends in the limited daylight. So we I busted out the tripod, balanced it on a 5 gallon bucket stacked on a chair in the middle of our yard, and got busy with the self timer.........10 seconds doesn't leave much room for creativity, but I think we did okay. 
This was actually genuine laughter caused by my stomach making some crazy noises just before the shutter did it's magic. 
The day was majorly overcast with lots of grey clouds, so I had to do a lot of exposure experimentation to lighten and brighten in place of the sun. 
Lots of people don't know this about me (or maybe they do if they went to my junior high and saw me fall flat on my face as the most un-nimble cheerleader in the world when trying to do a jump but everyone thought I was actually attempting a cartwheel for the first time and I never lived it down).......but I can't do a hand stand or a cart wheel. 
My lack of coordination strongly influences my non-existant abilities in step class or my hip-hop cardio video to follow instruction. And in these pictures, Patrick literally had to grab me by the leg and pull me up....then hold me up, because I really suck at it that bad. 
There's a first time for everything, and on this day it was making a kiss mark. I was never one of those girls that kissed the mirror or a piece of paper (for whatever reason it is girls do that). I actually always refused to wear lipstick until a couple of years ago, so imagine my ecstatic excitement when we only had to try once to get the perfect one!
The puppies were all up in our business, wondering why in the world I was running back and forth in the yard, so we brought them in on the action. 
But getting a family shot with no one to help pose the critters posed it's own set of obstacles. 
Callie required bribes of treats in order to not look like she was being tortured. 
And now that we have all these pictures finished, the CD produced and burned, even the addresses on the envelops made out...........things are at a standstill. 
It's a week before Christmas and I can't friggin' figure out how to get the pictures to print out properly on the stickers for the CD's!!!!! Last year it was smooth like butter, easy-peasy, so why would I ever think in a millions years it would go easy for me again? 
Sigh. If only I was good......not even good, I'd be happy with decent......with technology; it would make my life so much easier.
Here it is.....incase you never get to see it..... because I must be a complete retard. 


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