Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Teacup Trinket

I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to half a million projects I'll probably never start, but after ogling over this particular one for a while, I decided to tackle it. 
All hyped up for a new adventure, I gathered some steals at Goodwill, purchased my E-6000 glue, and then did what I do best.......procrastinated.
A few weeks later, after a couple glasses of wine, I got the courage to follow through. 
Warning: this is not a project for relaxation of the mind (that's what wine is for). On the contrary; it is a puzzle, and a frustrating one at that (make sure you have a couple of bottles chilled for this one). 
I decided the best way for the fixture to withstand the stress of wear-and-tear overtime would be for the cups to balance in a way they could stand without glue. I succeeded in the first 5 minutes of trying, to get them all positioned on top of each other sans glue, took a million pictures of the arrangement so I could recreate it, took it apart to apply the glue........and then could never put Humpty back together it again. 
I sat on the floor for about 2 more hours, completely flustered and disappointed in myself, trying to reposition the cups again, never getting it right. Patrick thought he could outdo me, but also failed. I slept on it, and tried again the next day.....still nothing. The earth had shifted on it's axis with no intentions of returning my sanity. 
Eventually I found a compromise, but gluing slippery abstract shapes to another slipper surface is tedious work. If anyone ever asked me to make another, I'd have to charge about $500 for labor and stress. Now I know why Anthropology is so outrageous.......
All in all, I love my finished unique and useful jewelry/coin/junk holder. For a grand total of $6, with glue to spare, I think I came out on top!!!

Have you ever tried to make something from Pinterest? What was it? How did it turn out?


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