Thursday, December 27, 2012

Too Many Pictures? No Such Thing!!!

When Nana's in town, we've got to do things picture worthy, so what better place to eat than amongst the tree lit Shops of Legacy, where we used to live back in our apartment days? Multitask, multitask, multitask.....
I always loved taking our dogs for a walk during the holidays when we lived here.
With the magical ease of pre-lit trees we've become accustomed to these days, I especially appreciate the manual effort put forth to make every branch of every tree twinkle to the tip top.
We went to Taco Diner for a Mambo Taxi (their famous Margaritas) and to pre-fill our bellies with some free chips and salsa. We broke down and ordered some white queso with brisket , which was probably the best I ever had.
Patrick acted out the story of his excuse for kissing a lady at work last week.........judging by this picture, I feel really bad for that poor unsuspecting lady who thought she was being cute by hanging misltoe over my husband's head (little did she know how crazy he is).  
It was actually one of the most ridiculous nights I've ever experienced. Even though we got to the shops well before 6, by the time we all agreed on a place to eat dinner, the resturaunts were swarmed with people and there was a wait everywhere.  
We walked back and forth from South Side and North Side unable to make a commitment, then stopped at the gigantic Christmas tree by the pond for a mini-photo-shoot, prolonging dinner once again.
It's times like these (and several others) I really wish I had a DSLR.........maybe one day......
We tried to do the wheel-barrel, but turns out, Patrick's scrawny legs are way heavier than they look.
Eventually my mom got extremely bored at watching our shenanigans, probably realizing we could go on being silly a day longer than forever, so we abandoned the tree to resume our food quest, once again.
.......But not before we got lil' ol' Nana posing at the feet of the massive tribute........ 
A few mis-communications later and we finally gathered at a picnic table by a space heater on the patio of Ringo's Pub for some good old fashioned English food and beer.
Fish and chips with a side a beer for everyone.......and a couple of Ruben's!!!
I wonder what those boys are smiling so big about?

What's your favorite Pub food?


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