Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Culturalizing the Relatives

Last year I was so impressed by the Prestonwood Miracle of Christmas play, I decided to come back and bring my family this time.  
Word must have got around, because only a week after tickets went on sale, it was almost completely sold out, making it a Christmas miracle we even got to go at all. Luckily I found the last 4 seats grouped together, but was eerie about them being so close to the stage. 
Although the balcony definitely has it's perks by allowing a solid visual of the whole stage as a big picture (the huge back screens are used quite a bit for scenery depth), sitting up close had it's own advantages.
When it snowed the flakes literally come down and landed in our laps, we got to see all the expressive faces of the performers, and being feet from the live orchestra was pretty cool.  
After Santa flew in from out of no where, he walked to our side of the stage and gave each child by us in the audience a high five, which magically lit up their faces, filling my own heart with joy as much as it did theirs.
The second half of the play was the story of Jesus' birth and when the angels descended from the sky they danced right over our heads.
I absolutely loved the hip kid version of the Nativity scene, but the adult rendition was especially moving.
When the villagers flooded through the audience with their lit candles singing praise to baby Jesus everyone's jaw dropped.
The three Kings made grand appearances in elaborate costumes, arriving on camels and being carried in on litters or sedans (who knows the difference??).
While impressed by the realism, all I could think about is, "What would they do if the camel/horse/sheep peed or pooped on the stage?!?!?"
Luckily the stage remained free of incontinent episodes (unless baby Jesus did something we were unaware of), and my family was super impressed. Dusty even stayed awake for the whole event, which speaks volumes!!
And then it was time for our next big adventure of the day.........

What/where is your favorite Christmas show and why???

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