Friday, December 21, 2012

Run-On's, Rants, and Christmas Spirit

You know that feeling where it's 80 degrees one day and the very next day you wake up and it's 20 degrees with frigid winds and snow on the ground and you have to wear ear protecters and gloves with the fingers cut out to take the dogs on their walk, just in case you get poop on your hands by accident you wont ruin your good gloves, but you start to regret that decision becuase you think you may have got frost bite on your fingers, and then you break a sweat working out in your living room but are still so cold that when you go upstairs to take a shower its like replaying that shower fantacy everyone has that never quite works out as good as the theroy becuase someone is always left out of the water and freezing, except in this scenerio it's one side of your own body who is pissed it got left out of the shower, and the water feels normal to everything but your fingers to which it feels like scolding lava, solidfiying the fear the some sort of nerve damage may have been caused by saving a pair of gloves from possible poop soiling.
I don't know which is worse: a cold ass, cold boobs, or that run on sentence I just wrote that totally made perfect sense???
And then it was 80 again......but after the the 50mph winds, another cold front has come to stay for a couple days. Mother Nature is such a drama queen these days!
I'm obviously easily entertained when driving home exhuasted from work and couldn't help but laugh at this very sad looking hind-windshield wiper.
I finally got around to decorating the window box in our coffee table with fabric scraps and love love love the way it turned out. It adds that perfect extra pizzaz of detail to our living room.
On note of our living room turned green room, most our plants are loving their window space. I've got blooms and babies growing out my wazoo.
You can't see them yet, but my Christmas cactus is totally catching up to the rest of the world now.....and here I was worring it was a dud....
When Shawn T. wasn't kicking my ass, I found time to rest and recover with my fur babies.
Even Lucie wanted in on the action, bad enough she was willing to lay on the same pillow Callie rested her head on, which is some kind of miracle in itsself.
On the note of miracles, we finished the kpLOVE Christmas CD just in the nick of time to mail out before the big day. I had a major technology set back with the cd cover program, which took me days of frustration to figure out, but after prevailing I anxiously braved the afternoon post office line of people squooshed from front desk to back door. When it was finally my turn I asked for the evelope to be weighed so I knew how many stamps to buy. The person behind the counter got a little touchy with my package and then asked if I was mailing CD's. 
"Yes," I replied.......Why should I lie? I can't deny the thought breifly crossed my mind. Afterall, if it didn't matter, why would she ask?
"You're not allowed to mail CD's this way. They have to be in a special package becuase they are a 'do not bend'. It costs $1.94 for each one."
"What? Oh my! This has never been a problem before. I do this every year, and actually also about a month ago; no one has ever said anything about it before. I don't care about the risk of damage; there's no way I can afford the alternative way."
"Well things are changing, and it's not legal anymore," she reinforced. 
I think she could see the utter sadness and disappointment in my face, and knowing all my evelopes were Christmas related, started to feel a bit sorry for me. She then whispered, "I tell you what.....I have NO IDEA what is in these evelopes"...wink wink..."I didn't ask you any questions. And whatever you do, don't give this to a post office person; just drop them in the self drop-box. Okay? I know nothing of what you're doing."
And THAT, my friends, is an act of kindness in the spirit of spreading holiday joy from the nicest post office lady I ever met and what Christmas is all about.
I got so excited about mastering the program that I made covers for our mixed CD from past years also!! (I even learned how to take a snap shot of our computer screen using the computer just to show this as evidence!........How's that for fancy?)
Do me a favor, would ya?? No matter what happens over the next few days (becuase it's definitely not the end of the world), do something extra nice for someone in the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer. It's too easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget to make a positive difference in other's.  

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