Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Irony Doesn't Cure Cravings

Patrick decided he needed Chilli's to revitalize his week, so after hearing him whine about it for 2 days I finally gave in. He mapped it from home, we drove to the destination, and then we kept driving.......because it wasn't there. Apparently that location had closed. Frantic to find another location and pressured by evening traffic, we decided to explore cute little downtown Plano. I'd been itching for the opportunity anyway. 
We settled on the Fillmore Pub. It was lit up inside with pretty twinkling lights in every corner, and had tons of specialty beers.....but I didn't order any. I still can't believe I ordered a salad instead of Fish & Chips!!!! But the blackened chicken Cesar was to die for, and luckily I married a man that isn't too stingy to offer a few bites of his own meal to crack a smile on his wife's face.
We left happy, went home to watch a movie on Netflix, and curled up on the couch with a warm mug of spice tea, enjoying our own sparkling lights dazzling around us.
As nice as that sounds, I still got to hear, "I can't believe I didn't get to eat at Chilli's. That's all I asked for, and I couldn't even get that."
I'm sure he was just kidding, in a not so kidding kind of way. It's difficult satisfying a craving with something completely different. The funny part happened the next day, when I found the Chilli's he was looking for (but didn't tell him because I knew he would be mad.....in a not so mad sort of way) just up the road from where we looked the night before. The funnier part, is he the look he'll probably be wearing on his face after reading this, that I'd die to see. The funniest part is.......me waiting to break the news to him this way, the conversation we'll probably have about it, and the fact that we will probably end up going there now, just for closure of the craving.
And just to drive you crazy (since I'm on a roll):

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