Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rules Shmules

In Weight Watchers they preach to make life and social gatherings about other things than food and drink. "Focus on something else," they say. 
I say, "What's the point of living without good food and drink?" If I haven't made myself clear to those who would choose my fate when the day comes I can't speak for myself, I know plead, "If I'll never be able to have food or drink again, pull the plug. No hesitation, no exceptions."
I love going to World Market and browsing all the different types of beer, and even better, getting to pick out an eccentric six-pack to satisfy my curiosity without having to make any commitments.I also thoroughly enjoy walking through Costco, trying all their samples, and then buying everything I see in the store......until I have to pay for it all.
Back when Patrick and I traveled and had to count pennies, on days when we were bored and hungry we would go on a day-date to the H-E-B down the road. It was the biggest one in San Antonio, the mecca of H-E-B's, and they had the most amazing display of sample foods. We were like the greedy kids in Willy Wonka, going around and tasting all the sushi and pizza like we'd never had it before, then moving on to all the breads, dips, and cold pasta's. Something about it felt a little devious, which always increases my fun-factor-rating, and we'd leave feeling satisfied without having to spend a dime.
In Weight Watchers they also have a 3 bite rule for things thought to be irresistible. Bite 1: Hello, I've missed you. Bite 2: It's so nice to have you again. Bite 3: Goodbye, see ya later.
This week I decided to adhere to this challenge, but had to bend the rules a bit. My brother apparently specializes in making buttermilk pies from scratch and brought me one. It was so delicious I tried to send it back home with him, but he insisted I keep it. It become imperative I develop a plan of action. Piece 1: Hello. Piece 2: It's so nice to have you again. Piece 3: Goodbye.....

It took great deal of self control to bring the rest to work for sharing, but now I can sleep well knowing a did my good deed for the week, right?
By the is 12/12/12. How weird is that?!?! (Lots of babies scheduled to be born today!)

Are you a sample fiend? Do you have a method for preventing over-indulgence?

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