Friday, December 28, 2012

White Christmas

Homemade warm apple cider at Nana's, fresh out of the oven cookies at Memma's, wine with ham and pot roast at Patrick's parent's, philly cheese steak sandwiches and margaritas at my parent's.........'tis the season to grow a pot belly, needlessly fueling our bodies for a marathon of opening presents and laying on the couch watching all our favorite holiday movies......
.......and catnapping......
After 4 different Christmas celebrations over the weekend, we came home on Christmas Eve night just in time to sip on some HoCho, snuggle up, and fall asleep watching A Christmas Story. 
It thundered like a world war was going on outside all night and I slept like a baby, glad to be back in our own cozy bed. Patrick woke me up in the afternoon to a wonderfully cooked breakfast warming my belly as the temperatures started to drop outside, turning the constant down pour of rain into sleet, then eventually that white fluffy stuff some people call snow. It started off sparse, but kept growing more dense until it looked like a Texas blizzard outside (about 5 or 6 inches on our side of town).
Sumo excitedly ran around biting at the strange substance and we were so thrilled to have a white Christmas we kept the front door open to allow a constant view for admiration, with the space heater oscillating on high to keep the chill from nipping our toes. 
Besides a few family photos, some pretty fun stuff happened.......
......Like Patrick's dad singing the socks off a pretty intense Christmas song at church. We were all so proud of him.
Other memories to be noted:
1. Patrick got some "fartless" beer bread mix and a meat slicer (which he used to make me the best homemade potato chips on Christmas Day)
2. Nana was on a roll with her hilarious insults. "Some people are just so dense," she teased me when I couldn't figure out what one of her "newest 'in-thing'" presents was suppose to be used for. It actually makes my 4loco look classy, no?
3. Getting illegally altered money stapled into the shape of a t-shirt and tie with buttons sewn on.....from the lady that apparently enjoys breaking the rules in the sake of fun as much as me (Nana).
4. Creative wrappings.......Patrick got a much needed non-stick pan wrapped in the shape of a carrot; I unwrapped things Patrick stole from my closet because I'm a spoiled brat and got my presents (Oakely's Radar Lock's for running, Ray Ban's for casual wear, and my new running shoes) early, but he wanted me to have surpises to open with the family. 
5. I also unwrapped a movie Patrick wanted (Ted).........hmm.....
6. Dusty almost broke his foot on a bear trap in the living room, but his biggest complaint was spilling his beer and splashing it in his eye in the process. 
7. My dad thought he would be sneaky and started unwrapping his presents early while we were still preoccupied with passing everyone else's out. Little did he know the joke was on him; he got a bundle of switches and a reused card about being naughty.......after that he decided play nice and wait his turn.
8. Apparently the best gift you can give a kid these days is cash money, so I got creative and practiced my hand in bill origami for our oldest niece.
Haley loved it and as she admired the shapes, over her shoulder was an envious cry from her sister, "I want money for Christmas!!"
As soon as Emily opened the box as big as she (if not a little bigger), her shoulders slumped with skeptism when she saw it was merely filled with balloons. But the mood quickly changed when she figured out what was inside them!
She spent the rest of the night submerged in her box, doing everything from acting out "pop goes the weasel", to taking a nap and playing games on the iPhone.......
9. Teaching Patrick's parents how to Skype.
10. Taking awkward Olan Mills style pictures by the Christmas tree.
"Y'all just don't know how proud I was when I got that doll for Christmas as a little girl," Nana said in reference to Allison and I jokingly posing with the creepy plastic baby we found lurking behind our presents under the tree.
11. Sumo and his cousin Coco playing so hard together in the middle of all the caos.
12. Seeing my mom get so excited about Santa "Ho Ho" bringing her an industrial pecan picker-upper that she had to test it out before dinner.......
11. Getting to enjoy a quiet WHITE Christmas at home with my husband before heading to work!!
We are already the coolest house on our street, since we're the only one with Christmas lights, but Patrick upped the scale by personalizing the driveway with our alias. 
Hows that for 4 jam packed days in a nutshell?

What was your favorite part about Christmas this year?


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