Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So I'm Forgetful, What's New?

I can't believe I completely forgot to post this very cool video of  my oldest niece's dance recital from a while back. I think it was May??? I'm terrible at remembering when things happen, hence why I have to document half my life via blog, so one day, when I try to tell my future children what happened in my life, I can give them a decently accurate description......if they are even interested and don't think I'm too boring and nerdy.
I've been watching these kids dance at their yearly recitals for 6 years now, so I am really going to miss the seniors when they aren't around next year!!
It's so fun watching my niece get older and transition from some of the more cutsie dances (which I love) to the more complicated kind (which I also love).
I just love watching dance.

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