Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mt. "Crap"ulin: Day #6

Ahhh.....And the that time always comes. It's inevitable. The sad day when you wake up and yet another vacation has come and gone.
We got up as early as we could to hit the road to home, which wasn't very early at all.
I always dread this day for more than one reason, the greatest being the fact that Patrick never fails to be in a terrible mood on these particular days.
Again, I talked him into doing something he was totally against: stopping to see an extinct volcano in New Mexico. I'd been dying to step foot on it since last February on our way home from skiing, when I noticed there was even a such thing as a volcano in a state so close to us.
We paid the $5 to drive up the National Monument Capulin, and noticed while parking, the vehicle next to us was covered in tiny flying black bugs.
I thought it was maybe just the color of that car they were attracted to, but it turns out they were just most visible on the white, because those bugs were everywhere. They literally attacked us from the time we stepped foot outside, to the time I murdered the last one a few hours later in the car on the way home.
We literally ran downhill, the entire way to the car, tyring not to trip in our flip flops, did our best to brush each other off, and got in the car so fast you'd have thought we were being attacked by blood sucking government formulated mosquitoes sent to extinguish all of mankind. Our car already seemed like a long way down from the top, but the bugs made it feel even longer.
Apparently the extinct cinder cone is about 1 mile in circumference, and from the top (where we were) one can see portions of 4 different states! Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Smell ya later, "Crap"ulin.
 Was the entry fee worth the peace of mind of knowing I wasn't missing out on pay money to be swarmed with disgusting bugs????
In all fairness, I'm sure it is actually an amazing place, during a different season, when it isn't swarmed by insects....if there is such a season. But the insects definitely stole it's glory this time around.

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