Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That Time I Got Real Lucky

My Nana, Aunt Sissy, and cousin Allison came to visit me for 2.5 days. Since they don't have the opportunity to come to Dallas often, I made sure to take them to all the good places, as time allowed......and then I actually drove them to downtown instead of Frisco, becuase I wasn't paying attention the the signs that say NORTH & SOUTH.
I can be such a dweeb.
We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, shopped the Stonebriar mall...trying on wooden mustaches and lounging in Pottery Barn..., and Patrick made hot wings with sugar fries for dinner, per Allison's request.
The next day we had breakfast at home, then went to the Frisco Mercantile to look for treasures, pigged out at In and Out Burger, got our rings cleaned, shopped around, had a snack at Pink Berry, and went to dinner at Carrabas.
Patrick still hadn't let go of the fact I've never seen The Shinning, so on night one, I found a rental place not far away that actually had the ancient horror movie, and was willing to hold it for me. This began my lucky streak.
Allison and I hit the road to retrieve it. One the way there, I needed to stop at Walgreen's for an errand and discovered they had a slurpee machine with coke icies!!  Another lucky moment.
Upon arrival to the Family Video, I registered our household and when it was time to pay up, my bill was only 54 cents....and I had exact change. WHAT???? Less than a dollar and I get to keep it for 5 days?!?!? I will be a new regular at this place, since rentals over 1 year old cost only $1 and can stay out almost a week! That's amazing lucky moment number 3.
We couldn't stop gibber jabbering on the way home, until I realized I missed my turn a couple of miles down the road and we were minorly lost. Oops. I turned back around, and when I found I street I recognized, made a left. Shortly after, I saw those damn patriotic flashing lights in my rear view mirror. (I know what you're thinking....this is very unlucky, but wait for the rest of the story...) Allison and I debated on the reason I could be getting pulled over. I wasn't speeding, we weren't on the phone, were wearing our seat-belts, and I actually had both hands on the wheel.

Allison: Maybe one of your lights went out??
As I inspected the front of the 4Runner through the windshield, I noticed the headlights seemed a little dim.
Me: Oh my gosh!! The lights weren't on and we didn't notice becuase we were driving around in town!! *I paniked as I turned them on.*
It was about that time the officer approached the passenger window.
Officer: Were your lights on? I didn't noticed your headlights, but your tail lights looked like they were off.
Me: Yes sir, I'm so sorry. I didn't notice they weren't on, so I just turned them on. *Honest is the best policy, right??*
Officer: Can I see your license and insurance?
I dug through my things to make sure my papers had good dates on them, and handed it over.
Officer: Do you live at the address on your License or Insurance?
Me: My insurance.
Officer: How long have you lived there?
Me: 9 months. *Grimace.....again with the honest word vomit.....*
Then he disappeared for a little while, and we started to freak out.
Allison:  OMG, you are sooo going to get a ticket. If you don't I will be really surprised. Your address isn't right on your DL, you had your lights off, and you had multiple expired insurance cards on you.
Me: It's illegal to have multiple insurance cards, even though the expiration is clearly written?? I didn't know that!!!! Holy cow, my registration is 4 months past date and he didn't say anything about that?? Think he darkness was on my side?? Do they find stuff like that out on their little radio??? I can't get a ticket. I wasn't even doing anything wrong!! I'm going to kill Patrick for not having the lights on! They should always be on!!
Allison: Oh ya, you are totally getting a ticket.
As I was pouting, the officer showed up at the window again.
Officer: Well you know why you are being pulled over. And I am giving you 30 days to change the address on your DL. Otherwise, you are free to go.
He didn't even give me a written warning.

And that, my friends, is what it is like to get REAL lucky.......all for a movie that we didn't even finish watching that night. But it was scary....real scary.

P.S. Can someone make me that metal heart with lights in it or buy me the $200 version at the Frisco Mercantile?!?!?

What's the last thing that happened to you to make you feel like you were on a lucky streak??


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