Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Married A Bad Boy: Day #2

Sunday was probably the first day we've ever been in Denver when our friend Stu actually had the day off, so we accompanied him and his family on a outing to Waterton Canyon for some easy biking with a side of fishing.
When we found the perfect spot to take a load off and wade in the water while the boys fished, we noticed there seemed to be a spectacle a few yards away. Something people thought was camera worthy. Something I definitely needed to check out.
Turns out those paper warnings on the picnic table next to us rang true, and there really was a black bear cub in the area, way to close for comfort, considering no one knew where it's mother was. Needless to say, we decided to move on to safer grounds, but the rest of our party didn't last far after that.
The canyon was left to Patrick and I to explore on our own, and explore we did.
We took a few silly pictures, and couldn't seem to stop talking about how pretty the scenery was.
Big horn sheep were everywhere, and I'll admit I was a little nervous that one of the males might get a wild hair up his ass and try to ram me off my bike if he caught me looking at him the wrong way.
As we came around one particular corner and up the hill, we noticed the air felt about 10 degrees cooler, and a few minutes later we realized why. The damn was gushing water into the river, cooling the air like an old fashioned A/C. I wanted to stay there all day and soak it in, but instead, we turned back around to find Patrick a place to cast his reel.
A few minutes later we hit the jack pot. A rock for me to sit on, nestled shallow in the river, to soak my feet in the cold mountain water, and open space for the Hunny to fish.
About 10 minutes into his adventure, a suspicious looking truck motored around the corner and Patrick started to get nervous; he's always nervous, so I paid no mind. Turns out it was for good reason, but he totally got busted for fishing without a Colorado fishing license.
 "I only threw it out there 4 times," he pleaded, "And then I stopped."
"It only takes 1, sir," the lady wardens replied.
Luckily they had mercy, or thought it was cute, and sent him on his way with a warning, and he got to spend the rest of the day looking like a "bad boy". He hates getting in trouble, and for two days in a row I had something to tease him about. Win/Win/Win.
After applying way too much chapstick to accommodate for the dry climate, we found our new favorite place to relax after our daily workouts. Nuyo Frozen Yogurt.
That night we went out to Miyama, a fantastic Hibachi bar with pretty decor, talented cooks, and the nicest wait staff.
They didn't even mind our group's shenanigans, and the bartender picked out special sushi for me on a special menu out of the kindness of his heart, and checked on me later to make sure I liked it all.
Everyone tried, but only Lindsey and I were able to catch the tossed shrimp, so we had a much earned victory high five.
And for the rest of the day I sang to Patrick, "Breakin' tha law, breakin' tha law...."

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