Monday, August 13, 2012

If Momma Ain't Happy: Day #1

Let me start off by saying, our trip was absolutely amazing, and I wish it could have lasted longer, aka like for the rest of my life.
I took way too many pictures, and even after narrowing them down, I'll have to write about each day separately to get all the good ones in!
Things started off shaky, hitting a bird 15 minutes into our drive, finding part of it's remains in the grill of the Corola, and Patrick getting pulled over for speeding 5 miles over the limit in the middle of the night on a highway in the Texas desert between nothing and nowhere.

"Is there an emergency or any reason you were speeding tonight," said the D.B. officer.
"No, just going with the flow of traffic," is how I wish we could have replied (on a road where the only headlights within 50 miles was ours).
"No, actually you caught us in a good moment, we usually go 10 miles over the limit in non-emergency conditions," is another thought that floated through my mind.
"I'm sorry, actually my pinky toe just hit the gas pedal a little bit and you caught me during a rare surge," becuase we all know that's how easy it is to go 5 MILES OVER THE LIMIT.
We drove through the night and arrived in Denver early Saturday morning, which meant we HAD to explore for breakfast. We landed on Jack 'n Grill, who's motto is "love made edible", and was "rated #13 place to chow down in the US by the Travel Channel".
Unfortunately, we didn't agree, and the looks on our faces showed it. I even traded dishes with my sweet husband who was willing to give me his burrito in attempt to make me happier.
Then we laughed, becuase Patrick preceeded to remind me of how much I can be like my mother.
A couple of years ago, we came to Waco and had breakfast with my family at my very favorite breakfast burrito joint, Lolitas. Everyone loves it there, but not as much as I do. When I lived in Waco, I would go atleast twice a week and get an Elephante burrito with extra salsa and try to make each one last for 2 meals (they are really big). Now when we come to Waco, and I bring up Lolitas, my mom insists she knows of better places, but this time, she gave in to my craving. When everyone ordered, I was the only person who ordered an Elephante, and when our food arrived, my mother took two bites of her meal and decided she just wasnt in the mood for what she ordered. We all know what happens next, right?
"If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
I, being the amazing daughter that I am, offered her my burrito to put a smile back on her face, and she gladly accepted. But what I didn't anticipate, is her eating the entire thing, without ever even thinking about offering me a single bite. Not one single bite did I get of that burrito when I live 2 hours away and she can get one any time she wants.
To this day, I still give her a hard time about it, and she pretends she doesn't remember. But she always told me, when I was little, that I had the memory of an elephant.
And elephants have excellent memory skills.  
But I've gotten off track.
We spent the afternoon catching up with Lindsey and Greg at their pool and the evening participating in Stu and Lauries first ever dinner party at their new house. It was all very lovely and relaxing; exactly what we needed.

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