Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pure Greatness: Day #5

We were wanting some low key physical activity for our last full day of vacation and decided to explore the cute little mountain town of Evergreen.
The lake was walking distance to the main strip, so after taking a stroll around it a couple of times, we walked to the streets to find something for lunch and found a cozy bistro to hit the spot.
On our way back we shopped at the tiniest Farmer's Market I've ever seen, bought the best tasting homemade kettle popcorn I've ever laid taste buds on, and got some homemade good smelling soaps for the women of the family. They all smelled so good it was hard to choose, but I finally settled on some favorites.
Does this gate seem strange to anyone else??
On the way back home, we found some tempting hiking trails, so we decided to stop and explore. As the trails zigzagged, we laugh about how one direction it looked like hiking in southern California, and in the opposite directions it looked like hiking in Colorado.
There were some pretty cool houses built up in these mountains. I always wonder what those people do for a living.
I finally got my humming bird shot, though not as cool as the one drinking from the fountain would have been.
We stopped at Nuyo for one last hoorah, and let Howard and Angel lick the bowls clean. They LOVED it. The most hilarious part was when Howard lifted his head and the bowl was stuck to his face!!! Classic.
 When evening came, it was time to go to the Morrison Inn for some cheese enchiladas and a sizzling burrito. How do I say...?..?...it hit the spot!
Stu hooked us up with a girl that works at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and she drove us up the hill, past all the stairs, straight to the back stage, in the same van that carries the bands to the stage. It was great, and much need. I would have been toast after all those stairs with those enchiladas and queso in by belly!! She tried to upgrade our seats to VIP, but the concert was completely sold out and everyone showed up. The reason is obvious.....Jack White is pure greatness.
His skills are legit, and his authentic qualities shined through during his performance with his all girl band, the Peacocks, who all wore white and also had stellar skills. His music is so versatile, from bluegrass/country/fold to rock/alternative/blues, it can be appreciated by so many types of people, and he played a mixture of it all on stage, including some of my favorite songs from his bands White Strips and Raconteurs and Dead Weather.  He even played "We're Going to Be Friends", which I was hoping I would hear, and Patrick didn't think it would happen! Keep faith, it always pays off.
At one point in the night, he looked up at the crowd while playing the piano and said, "They did a really good job of painting this theater to look like the outdoors. There's not enough oxygen up here! I got to keep telling my lungs to breathe, and I haven't talked to my lungs like this in a long time. We're going to make it."
6 songs for the encore got us all really excited, and each one was just better and better.
Did I mention the sound halfway up the theater was absolutely perfect? What about the weather....did I tell you how refreshing the mountain breeze was??? And the view, can it even be described by words? Those Denver people really know how to light up the sky with green. Patrick and I both agreed it was most we'd ever been around at a concert, EVER.
And the opener Pokey LaFarge, born in the wrong decade, by a few, with old school charm and a sound inspired by swing/bluegrass/blues, was so fun.
Check them both out.

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