Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everyone Loves a Tall Tale: Day #3

As we debated on the way up to Roxborough State Park whether or not to be supreme citizens and donate the entire $7 vehicle entry fee when no one would be there to ensure our honesty, discover we only had $2 in cash between the three of us, decided we would give all the cash we had, and get out to make the donation....a wonderful thing was found.
This sign: Monday is Colorado Day, free admission, enjoy your visit!
Lindsey picked a beautiful trail to take us hiking, and as we headed up the 3 mile trek to Carpenter Peak, we stopped several times to catch our breath and take in the view.
The red rock formations never get old, and once high enough, we could see downtown Denver, so we blew a kiss to Greg, who had to work. 
Hoping to find our destination rock covered in lady bugs, as Lindsey and Greg once had, we instead met a beautiful view of the mountains.......and this strangely out of place clay ear, to which we had lots of fun with and then left for someone else to discover.
Lindsey whispered sweet nothings into my "ear".
Some of the viewing benches had quotes, and this one is exactly why Patrick and I take vacations to hike together.
We saw a couple of mule deer along the way, and captured the rare sighting of one actually frolicking through a meadow, from which stemmed a grand story for us to share with Greg over dinner.
Nuyo knows how to make a girl happy; I can't believe Lindsey never tried original tart until me!!!
While waiting for Greg at the train station, we couldn't resist having fun with the statues.
Then it was off to the Breckenridge Brewery to visit Stu at work and have some beer and wings. They make the best smoked wings in the country.
Greg: How was y'all's hike today?
Lindsey: It was good. You wouldn't believe what happened.
Me: Ya, actually we debated on whether or not to even tell you, because we didn't think you would believe us.
Greg: What? I already don't believe you!
Pat: No, man, it was for real.
Lindsey: Ya, we even have pictures to prove it!
Me: Ya, I'll show you over dinner.
Lindsey: You know how sometimes you see deer, but they are always still and in the woods? Well we saw one running through a meadow and it had a deer-in-the-headlights look on it's face.
Me: We were already nervous, because there was a sign warning mountain lion sightings lately and since the black bear warning was actually real yesterday, Patrick and Lindsey started to get freaked out. And we thought it was cool that we actually saw a dear running, because they are usually always hiding in the brush and being really still. And then it happened.
Lindsey: A freakin' mountain lion comes out of no where and tackles the deer.
Greg: What?!?!?! Are you serious? How did it happen? What did it look like?
Patrick: Ya, it was crazy.
Me: It all happened so fast. We didn't stick around for the play by play. We got out fast while it was distracted.
Greg: How big was it?
Me: Medium sized, I guess. It wasn't starving, but it hadn't been eating buffet all it's life.
Greg: So I'm assuming it was at the end of your hike?
Patrick: Oh ya.
Me: Here's a picture of the deer running. I obviously didn't stick around to take pictures of the attack for safety reasons.
Lindsey: We totally bailed after that. And then when we were safe we thought, Oh man, Greg is going to be so pissed he missed this.
Greg: No way. This is ridiculous. I lived in California my whole life and Patrick sees a cat before me, and now y'all see something like that without me????
Everyone: Ya, it was crazy.
He completely and whole-heartedly believed us, and it shall go down in history as one of the best tall tales stemmed from truth in the history of all tales.
And then Lindsey broke down and told him the truth a hour later. It isn't surprising that he was more mad at Lindsey for ruining a good story than he was at us for lying to him in the first place.
Everyone loves to believe in a good story.

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