Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Irony in it's Finest: 9.5 Weeks

Tuesday, August 14 was our first sonogram, and we were both super excited to see the baby's heart beat, to make it more real for us both, especially Patrick (who was yet to have anything concrete besides my symptom complaints and a positive pregnancy test to help this whole experience seem real).
Somehow, I was already starting with a bad case of pregnancy brain....or it could have been the fact that as soon as we got back from vacation, I had to work 4 nights in a row and this was my first day off.....regardless, I told Patrick to be at the hospital a whole 20 minutes before I even considered showing up. Of course he was worried about me and called my phone a billion times, and of course I didn't hear any of the calls because my phone was on silent from sleeping!
The sonogram was first on the list at the doctor's office, and as the lights went out and the T.V. screen lit up, there in black and white, the most unmistakable thing came to life in front of our faces. Without a doubt, it was a little heart beat. And it was the most beautiful heart beat in the world; I'm biased already. We both smiled, and the tech confirmed, "There's your baby!"
She pointed out the legs, arms, body and head, since those things took a bit more skill to decipher, and as we watched in awe, the baby started to move around. "Next week, it will start doing flips," the tech said. How super cool is that? 
I think it looks like it's going to have long legs, like us!
It's astonishing that something so small could be making me feel so bad, and yet seeing that tiny ticking heart could not only make all the trouble more than worth it, but could make me fall even more in love. More in love with my husband for helping create such a blessing, and more in love with the blessing itself.
We met with Dr. Burt after that, who said everything looked absolutely perfect. He joked that our baby would be a lefty, since the egg came from my left ovary, and I told him how that would make one of his/her  lefty-grandmothers so proud, and since Patrick's in to baseball it could be another pointer. Then he said, "And your due date is March 17, 2013."
"Isn't that St. Patrick's day?" I asked.
"Hmmm...I think so. Looks like you've got a Junior!" he confirmed after looking at his calendar.
So I guess we're already taking votes on the gender!!! 
We talked about diet and exercise and I was banned from running and hot yoga. Apparently Dr. Burt doesn't like boiling babies or passing out mothers, and he explained that while he didn't doubt my fitness capabilities and heart rate is irrelevant, due to increased blood volume and certain hormones, my risk for joint injury and fainting dramatically increase. (At least he's not opposed to running, period, like my family medicine doctor. I know this because his wife is participating in the upcoming race with us! It's a small world.) I think he could tell I was a little sad, so he gave me the okay to WALK the half marathon in November, play on the Elliptical, go to Spin class, and Swim....he also believes while any form of alcohol is off limits completely, no studies have ever confirmed caffeine to be harmful to the fetus. Thank goodness, because I've been dying on night shift without a cup of coffee every once in a while! 
After getting 4 gallons of blood sucked from my veins, we were set free to celebrate. The first plan of action was to get everything ready for Saturday ASAP.
 We had a sneaky reason of getting the whole family together for the announcement, and everything was coming together according to plan!!!
Waaahahahahaha!!!!!! (That's my sneaky plan laugh.)


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