Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nail Biters

Just picture it. The age old rivals......Mav's vs. Spurs. Game 6 of the playoffs. Spirits and tensions are high.
Patrick and I found some decent seats for a decent price and couldn't pass up the opportunity to root on our favorite basketball team, my favorite of all sports. I was fired up, but not as fired up as the loud mouthed drunk girl behind us who noticeably quieted down during the last half of the 4th quarter. And not as fired up as the man sitting below us in the suites who got an entire beer spilled on him during the game by the guys down our row......but pretty fired up.
It was everything a game 6 should be, quite the nail biter, especially since it gave these Mav Fans for Life (#MFFL) a glimspe of hope to make it to the next round. But we all know what happened next. The dog butted Spurs ate our lunch during game 7, leaving us in the dust.......and such is the heartache of a DFW sports fan. One day.....one fine day, Parker, Ginobili and Duncan are going to get old!
There's only a couple of ways to fix a broken heart, and although our hearts had yet to know exactly what was coming, we premedicated with Hypnotic Donuts. I'd heard nothing but good things about this dreamy donut shop, and we finally found the motivation to get out of bed early enough to snag a few of it's staples.
When you get to a place and the line is out the door.....you know it's going to be good. Expresso cake donut, donut covered in peanut butter/honey/banana/bacon, donut covered in maple glaze/bacon, the classic regular glazed and chocolate glazed, and my personal favorite..........(drum roll please)
The glazed donut cut in half like a bagel, turned inside out and paired with a perfectly battered piece of chicken with a little honey drizzle (the kind of sandwich that's so scrumptious you must make it a conscious decision to not accidentally bite your fingers off when going in for the chomp.......could this classify as a different kind of nail biter??). YES!!! Foodgasm.
A Saturday morning with the family can't get much better than a perfect spring picnic at the park, followed by a walk to burn 1/1000th of the calories we'd just consumed......because let's face it, I'm not quite as mobile these days as I usually am.
It was just the tip of the iceberg for our weekend of fun. My mom would soon be arriving to celebrate her birthday. After spending the day shopping, we opted for another food coma at La Hacienda and went to bed early in hopes of beating the heat come morning time. We needed all the cool air we could get to plant my herb garden (which is now getting eaten by some invisible pest that I can't seem to defeat) without me having a heat stroke.
The next nail biter on the list, who will win: the invisible un-satiate-able herb killers or the this human's organic home remedies?

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