Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Hey Girl" Happy Nurses Week

Dear Husband, please do not read the first sentence of this post. 
For the last few years, I haven't taken care of a single patient weighing over 15 pounds, but back when I used to work with big people, this NEVER happened to me, not even when I spent 6 months working at Cedars in West Hollywood.......darn the luck!
 Dear Husband, if I know you, then I know you chose to disregard my instructions, in which case, I totally was just kidding about that first un-italicized sentence. 
Seriously though, I know I already touched your hearts about Nurses Week using eCards, but I came across so many "Hey Girl" posters that I couldn't resist touching your groins. 
Sure I could have saved them for next year, but what if the fad fades before then, leaving my hard research and Ryan Gosling's hard modeling under appreciated? (Oh ya, and the very silly John Krasinski....)
Besides, by this time next year, the chances of me remembering I drafted something for later use is about zero. 
Which brings me to a good point about nursing........
Isn't it a crazy phenomenon that I literally have to make a to-do list for my entire life or I'd never get anything done, but at work I can remember to do about a million things at once while surrounded by distractions galore in an environment where silence is non-exsistant. 

Are all healthcare professionals as big a sucker for clever medical terminology oriented poems as I am?


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