Monday, May 19, 2014

The Secret Is Out

I'm not going to lie. I was an incy-wincy bit nervous about the girls putting a shower together without me.......and they knew it, too.

It's not all my fault. I mean.....I may admit to being a little controlling at times when it comes to putting everything together in terms of decor and theme ideas.....but they're the ones who have just let me take complete charge and aid in the belief that I possessed all the creative juices. 
And then there's the small detail that they had absolutely no nursery theme, specific colors, gender, or baby names given to them to help point them in any project direction. It was free-stylin' all the way.
Their secret is out in the open now, though. After seeing what they can do all on their own, I'm pretty sure my take-charge days are over, because they did an amazing job! 
I loved all the bright colors and small details they worked so hard on. 
Even the tiny clothes pins were decorated.
The theme of mustaches/bows/flowers was adorable.
And I can't wait to find out who will have the correct predictions on the gender guessing tree!
I thought for a hot minute I might not even make it to this shower, which would have been a shame, because it was amazing.
It all started with me completely spacing out on the location of the restaurant, resulting in my tardiness, followed by getting out of the car while trying to juggle the 3 hostess' gifts with the wind blowing the tissue paper out of the bags. 
I did exactly what I probably shouldn't have done and took off chasing after the paper that had miraculously grown legs and preceded to mock me by running down the sidewalk faster than I probably ever ran pre-pregnancy. 
When I finally caught up to it {the runaway tissue paper} (it under-estimated my stamina and determination and gave up to catch it's breath for a moment), I bent over to pick it up, lost my balance and almost fell flat on my face. The take away from this is while I didn't actually flatten my face, I did over use some muscles that were probably better off left dormant, and I'm positive I looked ridiculous in the process.......right outside the window where all my shower people were waiting. 
You'd think that'd be enough clumsiness for one day to teach me a lesson in being careful, but alas, you'd be wrong. I recomposed myself and the presents at a cement bench outside the front door, took a brief look around to make sure no one was staring at me like the spectacle I was, and then tried to smoothly walk in, like nothing had ever happened...........which is exactly when I misjudged the length of the bench and jammed my knee directly into it, leaving behind a patch of skin as a souvenir for it's victory. Sigh.
A little bit later Patrick showed up, sped walked past our table, and headed straight for the bar. While fresh bread and cookie cake was curing all my ailments, his remedy of choice was a shot of vodka......or two. Apparently it was a rough day at the office, but then he got his very cool Diaper Dude bag, modeled it down the runway, and all his troubles melted away. 
I didn't get near enough pictures, especially of all the lovely people who came, but one of the my favorites is this candid group shot, with Gabriel trying to slyly snatch my necklace, Ale investigating the situation, Cristina hysterically laughing while her little man innocently watched from his car-seat, and Jessica teasing Patrick, our photographer.
We have so many generous, thoughtful people in our lives whom love to laugh and celebrate the joys of life. 
Truly blessed are we. 
Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us be so prepared for Cotton's arrival!!!! We'd be lost without you!

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