Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nesting and Food Baby vs. Real Baby: Week 35

Besides my belly now being big enough to get used as a convenient alternative to a t.v. dinner tray on a regular basis, I've started to notice some pretty significant physical changes over the last week (yeah......I'm rockin' the Gholson Wildcats sweatshirt that I've had since 5th grade).
My hips are shifting, causing them to pop pretty often and altering my gait, which has noticeably slowed down my normal walking speed. My lower abs are always sore, but the vertical line separating my abdominal muscles is also starting to feel like it's splitting open, which can get pretty uncomfortable (especially when I accidentally eat too much), all of which is making my usual tossing and turning in bed and getting up from a flat position to go to the bathroom a challenge. Patrick found me sleeping on my back during the night (I think I tried to turn from left to right and gave up halfway) and tried to tell me to roll on my side, to which I apparently quickly sleep-responded without hesitation, "It's okay because my head is elevated." He's so scared to upset me, especially when I'm sleeping, he just let me be.
I really wished someone had pushed me into water aerobics sooner because I absolutely enjoyed the weightlessn sensation in my stomach and back the few times I went, but am scared to do much since my abs have been feeling stressed, in fear of self inflicting diassectus recti.
I had yet another dream I delivered the baby. This time it was in the toilet at a public restroom. Luckily a labor and delivery nurse accidentally walked in on me and was able to help. Cotton was a girl, again. I swear when I'm awake, I have no idea what gender I feel like the baby may be, nor do I have a preference, but do think it's odd every single dream pins the baby as a girl.
We spent the week finishing the nursery.
 I de-tagged and washed all the clothes, blankets, and accessories (managing to already loose a mitten in the process......HOW DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN?!?), finished sanding and painting the book shelves, added little sayings to the paintings I composed, repainted a little wall mirror, and put everything in it's place.
My mom finished sewing the crib skirt we'd worked so diligently on measuring/cutting the weekend before.

 I couldn't be happier with it. It's the perfect color/pattern with just the right amount of love put into it.
She also generously purchased the perfect sized antique armoire for Cotton's tiny wardrobe that we found whilst browsing the Frisco Mercantile (Dare I say Nanny is already wrapped around Cotton's finger???)'s a little more petite than an standard sized piece of it's kind, exactly the addition we needed to our small room.
Would it be surprising if I mentioned we rearranged all the furniture and wall hangings AGAIN (this was the last time, I promise)?
It's now a fun and funky room with interesting detailing of colors, shapes, and textures in every corner to entertain a baby (and everything has a purpose; the yellow chest is where we keep the diapers/wipes/creams).
Now we just need to replace the strangers on the wall with pictures of people we know, like ourselves (how embarrassing, my wires are showing).
Patrick and I went to two different breastfeeding/baby friendly classes (one at my hospital, the other at a sister hospital), since I was curious to the differences (both classes ended up being unique), and I thought since Patrick was hearing everything for the first time, he'd retain more information by getting it in varying ways on different days. I feel extremely fortunate to have a husband who is enthusiastically willing to learn and notably involved in all aspects of bringing this baby into the world.
Moving on to the exciting topic of food, how crazy is it that after dinner my brother's food baby can compete with the size of my real almost term baby (lets all take a moment of silence, honoring the mere fact that he is actually wearing a non-black t-shirt)!?!?!?
One more thing, fresh cut pineapple and crunchy peanut butter is a new desirable treat I invented. Try it! 


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