Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gifts at Spice and Everything Nice

Our amazing extended family showered us with gifts for Cotton this weekend at Spice, my favorite shop/boutique in Waco. 
I could have downed the entire bowl of yellow punch myself, but decided it'd be nice to share, since everyone was there to be generous to us.
I wasn't the only one feeling tempted to hoard a favorite, though. Preslee stood watch by the deliciously layered strawberry shortcake to make sure no one took too many of "her" precious strawberries. 
The hosts, Aunt Susie, Bridgette and Tiffini put together a lovely little lunch, and decorated the tables in a festive spirit with brightly dyed daisies in mason jars, a perfect fit for the setting.
Lots of my favorite people were there, even Nana, who managed to come out despite still recovering from her recent extensive shoulder surgery.
She had it all figured out, though, and already designated Zana to take the millions of pictures that she would have taken had she been able to use her arm. She also brought with her a couple of gigantic photo albums; one detailing my first year of life, the other giving Patrick plenty of ammunition to tease me for the rest of my life. 
Then there's Memmaw, who wouldn't be able to hold her eyes open and mouth closed for a picture if her life depended on it, but knows how to make a mean dessert, and also got Cotton a piggy bank with a little somethin' somethin' inside to add to his/her savings account.
We had a great time opening gifts, especially with Patrick's little acts of entertainment. 
We got lots of great stuff, like play mats (I registered for a different one on each of the two registries, thinking we'd only get one and I wouldn't have to decide which I liked better, but since we got both I now have to be decisive), wooden letter blocks (I've been officially warned that these hurt like a mutha when on the receiving end of a unexpected throw or stumbled upon in the middle of the night) , bath towels, onsies, a changing table pad and cover, a fancy thermometer and nail clippers (I'm pretty sure we'll have a very clean, well groomed, and dressed baby), and gifts cards (shopping is still fun right now)!
Between my mom (Nanny), and Memaw Buzbee, Cotton already has so many special made blankets and burp clothes, sewen just with him/her in mind. 
My mom thoughtfully surprised me with a nursing gown to wear while in the hospital and for all those days I don't feel like getting dressed.....thank goodness, because I hate hospital gowns.
Little Cotton, I hope you know how dearly loved you already are!!!


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