Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ready or Not: Week 38

Is it still considered nesting or just my obsession with style that I've made enough headbands and ties for every outfit Cotton has to last his/her first 2 weeks of life and then some? Screw all the gender neutral attire; there will be no question, when this baby comes out, to whether this baby is a girl or a boy.
We were all over the place for the weekend and I thought it'd be wise to have our packed hospital bags in the car with us wherever we went......just in case. After all, it's officially time to start giving this baby hints to exit the premises. 
"But I'm not ready," Patrick pleaded, "I need 5 more days....and then I'll be ready."
"What do you think will happen between now and 5 days from now? I bet in 5 days, you'll feel exactly the same way."
A lot of people pose the questions: Why in the world, when a woman is about to go through such a challenging period of raising a newborn baby on minimal sleep, would He design her body to be so miserably uncomfortable during the end of pregnancy, to the point where she can barely find a good position to lay and has to lunge herself out of bed every 1-2 hours in the middle of the night to pee? Why wouldn't He let her get as much blissful rest as possible to prepare for the hard times she's about endure?
This is where I think He got it right. If we were so comfortable, like our men, we would probably never feel ready to embrace motherhood. Instead, by the end of pregnancy, we find ourselves at a breaking point. There comes a time when a woman thinks to herself, "Well, I'm not getting good sleep anyway.....If I'm going to be awake at all hours of the night, I might as well have my body back and be able to love on something adorable."
But ready or not, after a weekend of spicy food, crazy changing weather, and other home labor inducing methods, my something adorable is apparently nice and cozy in his/her current residence. In the mean time, I'm loving applesauce (weird), would like nothing more than to eat ice cream with every meal (totally not weird), and am considering the mere fact that I can still shave without assistance a personal victory (I'm just extremely careful while using my a razor ambidextrously).
Operation evict Cotton to be continued.......


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